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  1. maverickronin

    Review by 'maverickronin' on item 'Monster Turbine Pro Gold In-Ear Headphones'

    First off is full disclosure.  I received the Turbine Pro Golds free of charge from Monster to review as part of their “Turbine Challenge” and will get to keep them after the review.  I’ve been known to be critical of Monster’s marketing and legal practices in the past but I do my best to remain...
  2. Yamaha YH-3

    Yamaha YH-3

    Yamaha Ortodynamic Headphone
  3. Practical Devices XM6

    Practical Devices XM6

    XM6: No other portable amp offers all this: The XM6 is the most feature-packed portable headphone amplifier on the market today. Strong, clean, unsurpassed sound quality is made possible by the XM6's two-chip ultra-low-distortion FET amplification stage, mated to a separate two-chip output...
  4. Indeed G2 Hybrid

    Indeed G2 Hybrid

    A small single tube headphone amplifier and pre amp.
  5. maverickronin

    Review by 'maverickronin' on item 'Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM Headphones'

    First off, these aren't nearly as hard to drive as you'd assume from their impedance.  I was able to get decent volume out of everything I connected it to form a proper desktop amp, to straight out of the onboard sound from my netbook.  They are of course, not being driven properly from...
  6. maverickronin

    Review by 'maverickronin' on item 'Shure PTH Push To Hear Control for Sound Isolating Earphones'

    If you're tired of removing your IEMs to talk to someone, then this product is probably for you, despite its quirks. I wear my SE530s all day at the office and conduct most quick conversations through my PTH. The microphone is surprisingly good, even letting you conduct a conversation when it's...
  7. maverickronin

    Review by 'maverickronin' on item 'HeadRoom Total BitHead Headphone Amp / DAC'

    I purchased my BitHead mainly to bypass the dismal onboard soundcards on the computers I use at work, and the better but still not so great sound on my netbook and I've been quite pleased with it's performance. It's completely plug and go which is nice if you move from computer to computer on a...
  8. maverickronin

    Review by 'maverickronin' on item 'Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones'

    Amazing detail, incredibly smooth mids, and deep bass are these 'phones defining characteristics. The only real weakness might be the slightly rolled off highs, but it's not a huge deal. I find it makes them less fatiguing. Also the bass while deep, is flat all the way down to DC and not over...