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  1. antonyfirst

    Review by 'antonyfirst' on item 'HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X'

    The AP80 Pro-X is a portable digital audio player made by Hidizs. This player is the bigger brother of the AP80, upgrading from ES9218P to ES9219C DAC chip in order to improve performances and extend format compatibility to Tidal MQA. Furthermore, the AP80 Pro-X has a 2.5mm balanced headphone...
  2. antonyfirst

    Review by 'antonyfirst' on item 'Hidizs S9Pro'

    The Hidzs S9 Pro is an ultraportable amp/DAC adapter for smartphones and computers. It uses ESS9038Q2M DAC chip, in order to support up to 32bit/768kHz (for PCM) and up to DSD512. It has two headphone outs: balanced (2.5mm) anmd single ended (3.5mm). It has a USB Type C input for connection. The...
  3. antonyfirst

    Review by 'antonyfirst' on item 'Hidizs Mermaid MS2'

    This is my review of Hidizs Mermaid MS2. Listening to them has been a great surprise, as they are a very good sounding IEM for an extremely affordable price. Note: Hidizs has kindly sent me a pair of Mermaid MS2 for this review. While appreciate their kindness, this will not influence my opinion...
  4. Hidizs Mermaid MS2

    Hidizs Mermaid MS2

    Specifications: Model MS2 Product Name Hidizs Hybrid Dual Drivers HiFi Earphones Earphone Type Customized HiFi In-Ear Monitors BA Driver Knowles RAD-33518-P183 Dynamic Driver 10.2mm, Dual Voice Coils & Dual Voice Chambers(Hidizs Newly Developed Macromolecule Composite Diaphragm V2.0...
  5. antonyfirst

    Review by 'antonyfirst' on item 'SOtM sHP-100'

    The SOtM sHP-100 is a portable dac/amplifier combo designed for computer audio. It's built on the same principles as their sMS-100 music server, which means tiny size, ease of transport, and good value for money. Some of the most meaningful specifications follow:   DAC Chip: Cirrus Logic...
  6. SOtM sHP-100

    SOtM sHP-100

    Combined USB DAC and headphone amplifier. It has analog pre-output, headphone out and supports USB, Coaxial, Optical, Analog input for 24bit/192KHz PCM and DSD playback.