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  1. alphaphoenix

    Need help to solder/replace DIP8 pin on Millett Hybrid diamond buffer

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I'm in need of some expertise service.  I recently purchased a Millett Hybrid amp with diamond buffers (db) and one of the DIP8 pins on the db snapped off somehow.  I no longer have my soldering iron and quite frankly, replacing it is beyond my...
  2. alphaphoenix

    Flipping on ebay

    I need to set a record straight.  We all know flipping in the forums is breaking the rules regardless if the item was purchased in the head-fi forsale forums or elsewhere (ebay, Amazon, audiogon, craigslist, heatware...etc).    Now, what if an item was purchased for under market value and...
  3. alphaphoenix

    To Klipsch Custom 3 Reshell Owners

    I know getting your universal earphones reshelled is a craps shoot when it comes to sound preservation, fit, and overall workmanship. Why we choose one company over the other usually involves price and reputation as we know the price for reshell service can be as much as half difference. Money...
  4. alphaphoenix

    ebay seller warning list 2011

    Opened May 30, 2011.    The purpose of this new thread is similar to many others but in a more current content.  I'm sure most of us have purchased from ebay and many of us, myself included also sell on ebay.  Despite some good deals can be had, some of us got scammed in the process. ...
  5. alphaphoenix

    Hijacked accounts increasing rise of sour deals

    Is it just me, or has some head-fier accounts have been hijacked and purposely used to fraud other head-fiers by selling vapor stuff?  Is head-if easy to hack into?  I bring this up because I'm a frequent seller and lurker in the forsale threads and find a lot of sour deals, some are from...
  6. alphaphoenix

    Klipsch Custom 3 owner cable feedback

    Fellow head-fiers. I read inputs from various Klipsch Custom 3 owners with some not having the stiff and kink prone wires. All three that I've owned, which were brand new, but were not purchased from "authorized" dealers have suffered the dreaded kink issue. For those who haven't experienced...