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  1. dukeskd

    New Edition 5 Ultrasone Headphone

    Here is a video:   It is coming with new technology dubbed "S-Logic ex" yet looks intriguingly similar to the Edition 8s.
  2. dukeskd

    20,000 HD800s sold: A new age for head-fi?

    I think this is an important event as it demonstrates how audiophile headphones have indeed become "mainstream". 10 years ago, no flagship would be selling in these numbers and at $1.5k per unit but Sennheiser has accomplished just that with ~5000 sales per year (2009-2012). The internet...
  3. dukeskd

    Denon D5000 Deal!!

    For any of you looking to buy the D5000s there is a great deal at, get the D5000 and put in the coupon "grandslam", and you'll get a price of ~388.00 without shipping. I would have taken this up but I already got my trusting D7ks Hope someone finds this useful.   PS...
  4. dukeskd

    Fiio E7 vs Fiio E17

    Barring the technicalities of these amps, how is the sound different from each other? Give up all the details!