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    Sansa Fuze or Clip+. Westone 2, 3, or UM3X Sennheiser IE8 RE0 is you want to save some $$
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Shipped. Estimated delivery for Monday the 21st. I just hope they get here by Tuesday, before I leave town. -Pony
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    Cheapest online prices for Westone 3?

    Check out the for sale forum here : Used W3s. Don't think you will get a better deal. You should be good for the remainder of the warranty. -Pony
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    Westone UM2 wire wear...

    Contact Westone. They re-cabled UM2s for me about 2 years ago for around $30. -Pony
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    Do You Sleep with your IEM or Customs!

    No problems with W3s or RE0. -Pony
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    First portable rig.

    The RE0's are great for the current price, but I can only stand listening to them with crossfeed enabled (via RockBox). I used them extensively for a couple of weeks while my W3s were out for replacement from Westone. It was great to get my W3s back. If you have the budget, you may want to...
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    First portable rig.

    Quote: Originally Posted by yunaforever009 My recommendation is spend quite a bit on the headphone. That is the most direct source of improvement for you. You can work on things like an amp later, but getting a good pair of IEMs will dramatically help you. Agreed. You can always...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Specialzed What would be a good inexpensive amp that would drive these headphones good enough for their full potential? I was thinking an Ibasso D2+ boa, can anyone speak for this amp with their HD25's? if not which portable amp do you use to drive them...
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    Opinions needed on my broken IEM situation

    What do they consider half price? Looks like they can be purchased for around $180 out on the web. -Pony
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    Head-Direct RE0 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Inks I'll agree about the deepness, but not on the tightness. Sounds like a conversation I used have about the girls at my college.
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    How many people do you see b1tching? 1 or 2? Mostly people are stating what their status us. People are just trying to figure out when they might get their earphones. You can get off your horse now. -PONY
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    Check out your local Best Buy. I'm assuming that you are in the states. I just picked up a pair of Klipsch S4s for my wife. -Pony
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    To fill the void while waiting for TF10s to arrive, I bought this Samsung LN52B750 The TF10s better show up soon or I may have to go car shopping. -Pony
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Quote: Originally Posted by PouncePony The product page (link) shows them coming in stock on the 19th. I'm leaving town on the 23rd - don't think they will make it by the 22nd. Guess I better get the shipping upgraded. -Pony Mr Amazon says: I can confirm that we still expect...
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    Rockbox Fuze

    Quote: Originally Posted by kunalraiker Its version 2,there goes rockbox. Bummer. As I stated before, I purchased a V1 Fuze off eBay as a backup. I had the seller check the version. Based on the model number shown, I have a feeling that this on is a V1: eBay Link I...
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sonnybobiche I was told by an amazon CSR that they were being restocked on December 19th. I requested to be upgraded to 1-day shipping and my est. delivery date went from December 17 to December 22nd, which meshes well with what the CSR said (19th is a...
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    Westone 3 Problem

    My original pair were the same way. I assumed it was poor design. I just had to send them in for service and received a new pair in return. The slider is much tighter on the replacement pair I received. Contact Westone and get them repaired/replaced. -Pony
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    Ultimate Ears 10 Earphones for $99 at Amazon!

    On a positive note, I received my replacement W3s from Westone!!!!!
  19. PouncePony from amazon market place... is it safe ?

    Just people flipping ones they bought from Amazon or Logitech. I would assume it's safe to purchase from resellers with high positive feedback and over 100 ratings. -Pony
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    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Quote: Originally Posted by Vitor Teixeira Anyone having troubles sending emails to fischer hearing? I've tryed but it just dont go. Anybody can share another to try? Thanks. I emailed him via Head-Fi. It went to -Pony
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    Rockbox Fuze

    Quote: Originally Posted by the_equalizer This has made me look to the Sansa Fuze as a possible replacement for my iPod but Rockbox still does not support Fuze v2 What am I going to do!? I'm so spoilt by Rockbox's features that going back to stock firmwares will be a real pain! I can...
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    head direct RE0 vs Klipsch s4?????

    I have the RE0s, and for the price they are astounding. I am considering getting a pair of S4 for my wife who is a runner. From what I have read, the S4s are very comfortable. -Pony
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    Help with FLAC and MP3 in Media Monkey please.

    I just don't add my FLAC files to the MM database. You can still access them via 'My Computer' in MM. -Pony
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    These should fit: eBay Link