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  1. DefQon

    New Abyss planar magnetic headphone

    Price is absolutely disgusting. It better be or on par with the 009's. Design sort of look like a direct rip off the LCD2's most likely these also take balanced mini xlr 3 or 4 pin cables. Anyone up for one?
  2. DefQon

    Any DIY Aussies here that can help me reform some capacitors

    Hey all,   I've landed myself a bunch of nos 220uf 250v ROD EGD and Philips BC capacitors that best need to be reformed before I start using them. Unfortunately I don't have the time, nor the equipment to reform these old cap's to acceptable levels.   Any DIY Aussies here that can give...
  3. DefQon

    HE-6 > Dark Star or equiv....or integrated amp?

    Having read from a few that a properly driven HE-6 reaches close to the 009 sound, to those that have heard or own the HE-6, would going with an expensive headamp such as the Dark Star output better sound quality then a integrated amp > dummy load combination?
  4. DefQon

    Best closed headphone for electronic based music

    Hey all....   Posted this a long time ago in the non-summit fi section but was told I'd get a better response in the summit-fi section.   What is the best closed form factor headphone one could buy that is excellent for electronic based music, my budget is $2k, and please no Denon and...
  5. DefQon

    Qualia 010 - Are these worth it?

    Stumbled upon something interesting that caught my attention:       There is damage to the headband, but let's say if these go for under 100,000 yen, are they still worth the asking price based on its current aesthetic appeal (including the damage) and the sound. Supposedly the 010 is...
  6. DefQon

    Need some help with DIY Piccolino recable

    Just received 5ft of Piccolino today and I can tell these are going to be a PITA to work with. Anyone that has experience with these for recabling care to give me a little assist here. I know the shielding can be used as GND, but how does one isolate the Outer shielding from the inner core...
  7. DefQon

    Need help for Szekeres Class A Amp

    Hey guys, bought this kit: a while ago, based on the parts and schematics its based on Szekeres Class A amp design.   I've just got some questions for those who understand circuit...
  8. DefQon

    Custom Made Headphones

      Hey all just before I post my work-log and what my custom DIY made headphones look like and the specs of drivers used etc....     I need help with some required ear pads with the following (below) dimensions. Its just a two minute drawn figure in MS Paint, so would anyone have a clue...
  9. DefQon

    Audio Fischer Tau or Meelectronics M6

    Tau is $34.00 shipped from gd-audiobase and the M6 $32.74 shipped from amazon. Which one of these are better ? Music I listen to is classical, electronic, techno, bit of metal and all rest my songs are bass. Thanks
  10. DefQon

    Aussie supplier for Nylon Braid sleeving and Heatshrinks

    Hey, I'm after some Black Nylon Braid sleeving and heatshrinks for a DIY cable mod for a headphone I'm building from scratch (almost done just need the color), so far I've already got some Neutrik plugs and using a braided 2m Cat5e cable using 1 of each pair (2 pairs total using) for ground and...
  11. DefQon

    Driver Mod

    Hey, I'm making/modding my own headphone from scratch using various parts (which onces complete I will post the worklog here) and after recabling these drivers while ago I had loctite the wires to the top base of the drivers, using a stanley knife separating the wires from the driver itself has...