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  1. LostMySelf

    Bluetooth in-ears for around $50-100?

    Looking for a good pair of bluetooth in-ears to use when I work. I don't have any requirements really. I listen to this mostly: Psytrance Deep house Hardstyle Hope you guys can help me out.
  2. LostMySelf

    Bluetooth headset for music

    Yeah I understand that, I've taken a look at the Plantronics Voyager Edge. I'm gonna buy it, try it out and return if I'm not satisfied.
  3. LostMySelf

    Bluetooth headset for music

    I work at night and I use my RHA MHA-750 currently but since I gotta pick up the phone quite often, and also take calls I would like to get a bluetooth headset that's pretty decent for music. Since I'm working at night I always have one ear free from any device, so note that I want a single ear...
  4. LostMySelf

    DAC for RHA MA750 paired with iPhone 6s

    That's a little too big in size for me.
  5. LostMySelf

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    How does it pair with an iPhone 6S and RHA MHA750?
  6. LostMySelf

    New IEM's for around $100-150

    Any suggestions? I mostly listen to some deep/future house and a bit of hiphop and dubstep.
  7. LostMySelf

    Good In-Ears without amp

    Definitely looks interesting and the price point is not an issue. I do wonder tho if I should wait a few months and save up for a REALLY good ones, possibly customs? I could scrape together money for JH's or UE's customs no problem.
  8. LostMySelf

    Portable player

    Used to have an iPhone 4 hooked with amp and Piccolino LOD but I have no idea how these things work anymore considering the input socket on the Apple products changed. What's a good portable player to get, for both with and without an amp?
  9. LostMySelf

    Back into the game - time for customs

    Hmm okey, do they stack up against JH Audio and those other big companies? I don't think it would be an issue getting those ear things to see the form of my ear (braindead right now), sending them over to USA and getting my customs that way.
  10. LostMySelf

    Comfortable headphones for outdoor use

    I am outside 2-3 hours every night when working and I have decided to get a pair of full-size headphones even tho I just got VSONIC GR07. I have 2 hoodies on me with the hoods on the head so I will use the headphones "on" them.   I usually just have one headphone on the ear and the other one...
  11. LostMySelf

    IEM's with non-tangle cable for Dubstep/Hiphop

    I got a pair of PureSound ClarityOne EB110 and I love them but the cable lately have become very stiff and I can't stand it. Any suggestions for a pair of IEM's with a cable that has some sort of material on the cable, like the Skullcandy FMJ?
  12. LostMySelf

    Good Over-Ear for Dubstep/Hardcore?

    Quote:   Absolutely. I'm terrible at pointing out what I want with a pair of headphones, but Dubstep = all bass and Hardcore is like this, a more controlled kick and bass:
  13. LostMySelf


    I'm selling it because this is my last peace of portable equipment, I've sold all the stuff that's in my signature because I've lost interest in keeping the music with me on the go. There's definitely an improvement in sound quality and clarity, tho I've only tested against the iBasso CB05 and...
  14. LostMySelf


    Just want to know if the interest in these is lost or something? I got a Crystal Piccolino LOD for sale for a good price and I've gotten two answers in a month. Don't wanna bump my thread here but I expected more interest in what seems to be the most asked for wire.
  15. LostMySelf

    Buyer didn't recieve his item

    Quote:   How is it anyones fault that I chose the cheapest shipping method? As I said in an earlier post, same shipping method got my old HeadAmp Pico to Canada in 7 working days. The package must be in US Customs and it's up to them..
  16. LostMySelf

    Buyer didn't recieve his item

    I sent out my HeadAmp Pico to a guy in Canada one week from today and he recieved it today, which is exactly one week shipping. I assume this guy's package is in US Customs but what am _I_ guilty of? I'm so sick of these paypal disputes because it puts you in a really ugly spot every time.
  17. LostMySelf

    Buyer didn't recieve his item

    Quote:   Yes, internationally. I shipped with Posten which is Sweden's most known company. He did not ask for method but I told him this is the way I'm gonna ship with since with tracking it's alot more expensive.
  18. LostMySelf

    What should I expect to recieve for these items?

    HeadAmp Pico Amplifier Shure SE535-CL with custom cable by Chris_Himself Picollino LOD by Qusp   Everything in brand new condition.
  19. LostMySelf

    Need help with wiring (Edifier S330D)

    I'm an idiot, it stood in the manual how to wire, I must have missed it twice :S Copper goes on red and silver on black apparently.