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  1. jcx

    "Why you hear what you hear" Harvard "Freshman Physics" coursebook - Science of the Physical Universe Requirement   flipped through it at the COOP, didn't see a need to buy @ $100 - but it looks like many could benefit from the content   I still need to look at the website sw - they really emphasize the interactive...
  2. jcx

    anything but iTunes? - received new Nano - can't RockBox

    as title, received new 6th? gen Nano - my previous Nano I immediately RockBoxed - never have used iTunes, don't want to now - any options?   any experience with any of these?
  3. jcx

    more attachment types needed - .txt, .xls, .ods, .asc, .cir, .sym... at least .txt

    did I miss this option somewhere? - I only see image attachments - gives error for other file type   if you've got the space for image attachments then it seems useful to also allow some other file types that support DIY and other information exchange   spreadsheet files (like the...