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  1. Butler

    AK240 3rd Party Case

    I'm so sick of my AK240 casually sliding out of its case crashing into anything and everything. I have searched high and low for a third party case that may be full coverage but I could be missing something - or perhaps someone else has a suggestion on how to mitigate the issue I am having?
  2. Butler

    4 Pin XLR Extension Cable

    Hi Folks, I'll keep it brief. I'm looking to extend my LCD's cable so that if I want to lay in bed, I can pop this guy onto the end of the full size 4 Pin Stereo XLR connector and extend it's range. Just a 6 foot or so male to female, full sized, 4 Pin XLR Cable. Is this a standardized pinout...
  3. Butler

    Am I Being a Baby About This?

    So I recently purchased my W1000X's. People revel in the beauty of their finish. People pay good money for them. I'll cut to the chase. These brand new headphones have something that I haven't seen in other's photos. Serious blemishes in the varnish on either side of one cup. Am I being a baby...
  4. Butler

    New Audio Technica Products in 2012

    We've seen all of the wonderful things Audio Technica recently announced to be offering in limited quantities in light of their 50th anniversary. I personally can't wait to see the anniversary edition sushi maker mods, I hear it was lacking in the lows. A recable should fix that...
  5. Butler

    Siri and Google Voice Integration

    Hi Everyone. So I'm upgrading my 3GS to a 4S. I was considering getting a Galaxy Nexus because of andriod's Google Voice integration. I am pretty attached to Google Voice whereas I refuse to pay the ripoff prices that carriers want to transfer a couple kilobytes of information known as texting...
  6. Butler

    Valhalla, Too Much Bite for AT Cans?

    So I'm certainly getting Schiit's Bifrost DAC sometime after it comes out- after all with optical in I can literally use it as a sound card on my new computer that I'm planning on building. However I'd like to get a Schiit amp to pair with it. As you can see from my signature, nearly all my cans...
  7. Butler

    Crochet-Cush, a W5000 Phat Pad Mod

    I'm sure everyone is familiar with the various incarnations of the phat pad mods that exist for various headphones. The idea is to lift the pads a bit for various reasons, including but not limited to a different sound and comfort. Many people, at least for the W5000's, line under the pad with...
  8. Butler

    ATH-ESW9 Scratches after Sent to ATUS Repair

    I've seen the post about recabling them myself, and I've emailed a couple of places that will do them online. I suppose I'm looking for someone who has more experience and the materials to give my AT's a recable. I was unfortunate enough to leave both my rabbit and my headphones out in the...