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    Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

    Are their any good pairs with noise cancelling/isolation below $250?
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    Help with hooking up speakers to TV

    Ok I'm dumb I just had to push in harder.
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    Help with hooking up speakers to TV

    I've got a Samsung TV that has an audio out that looks like this: And a regular 3.5mm to RCA...
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    HE-400 vs LCD 2 comfort/weight comparisons

    I've been debating making the jump from the HE-400 to the LCD 2 since the connector on one of the ear pieces is going out.   Unfortunately there's nowhere around here where I could give the LCD 2 a go but I know they weigh a bit more. Numbers wise it seems like not that much more, but is it a...
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    Left ear phone on HE-400 is going out, need new planar magnetics to replace

    So the left headphone on my HE-400 is starting to cut in and out, I see that the problem is that the connector has somehow gotten pushed in. It's probably fixable somehow but in True American Spirit I have decided that my best option is to get a new pair. The thing is I really like the way...
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    Audio fidelity and compression?

      Not at all. It's just a ratio of file size to time. It's always going to be lower if the file is compressed because the file size is smaller.   In an uncompressed file it is the product of sample rate, channels and bit depth. So for a CD quality file it is 44.1kHz * 2 * 16 = 1411kbps.  But...
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    Any Sim Racing Fans?

    For some reason I couldn't get into Raceroom. I just didn't like the feel of it. PCARs looks good and I can't wait until that comes out.   Anyone else here plan to get the Oculus Rift when that comes out? I can imagine it bringing sim racers to a whole new level, being able to freely look...
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    Mp3 to alac

    Quote: It is definitely still worth having a nice setup if you have all MP3 files, given they are legitimate files. MP3 and AAC are both great at high bitrates.   As for where to get lossless files, I think your best bet is to check the artists website. If they have them available their...
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    Mp3 to alac

    It will just make the file bigger.   The only way to get lossless sound quality is to have the lossless files in the first place.
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    Any Sim Racing Fans?

    Has anyone here played rFactor2?   I tried the demo and it was brutally hard, I'm wondering if that's just a hard car to drive though?
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    I would definitely buy it at full price if I didn't have over 50 games in my backlog. It looks really good. I'll probably buy it the first time it goes on sale.   I like that they brought back Spys vs Mercs, I really liked that mode in Pandora Tomorrow.
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    Steam alternatives? EDIT: RESOLVED

    Steam is pretty much the main game launching client DRM thing out there. Unless it's an Ubisoft or an EA game it's gonna be available on Steam. It also has the best sales normally. Although Origin is having a decent one right now as well as their ridiculous humble bundle.   Both Steam and...
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    The vinyl was probably ripped at 24bit/96kHz(as opposed to the normal 16bit/44.1kHz). 2(channels) * 96 * 24 = 4608   Although that would mean that the file wasn't compressed at all, I don't know why someone would choose to convert to FLAC but not compress it.
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    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    Quote: Which it can do, but I think they're going to have to get really creative in order for them to make cloud computing help with this to the point where a significant amount of system stress is removed. This is all CPU intensive stuff, and the CPU is rarely the bottleneck in games.  ...
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    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    Quote: The cloud can't really render anything. That's not remotely possible. What it can theoretically do is stuff like process lightmaps and send that data through. And then the GPU would render that object based on the lightmap given from the cloud.   Getting textures from the cloud...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Quote: Yeah they did make a lot of SR3 way too easy. The over the top stuff was fun some times, like in the beginning where you dove through an airplane and punch the guy in it in the face, but it kind of lost its luster after a while.     Quote: It'll come, they do this every...
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    Can a 320 kbps mp3 file be "bad?"

    Quote: Well the top one is like 6dB louder. Most likely a different master. The first one's meta data says it's from a best of album, maybe the second is from the original.   They also both have a soft frequency cutoff at around 16kHz, which is not a property of 320kbps [LAME] mp3...
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    There are also community servers, which can provide some of the competitive elements(friendly fire, no Kevlar by default, etc...) without having to play an entire match.
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    The effects of mood, hormones, and other neurological things on the perception of sound?

    Quote: It really depends on the type of cheese.   I'd go with gouda, personally.
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Quote: If you're not playing competetive, I think everyone has a defuse kit but I'm not sure. I know Kevlar is supposed to help, as there are weapon damage stats that take that into account, weird that you have 5 health but 100 Kevlar there. Also I think that you automatically have it in...
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    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    Quote: That sucks...   I'm glad that mine got an RRoD before. Well, I wasn't happy at the time but it did come back with an HDMI port that wasn't there before. So it was basically like a free upgrade.
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Quote: No, but I plan to soon.
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Quote: Nice, thanks. For some reason Steam didn't let me know that Machinarium was on sale.
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    Is burn in real or placebo?

    Quote: Doubting burn in or any subjective impression isn't saying that science has all the answers. It's about questioning why things are the way they are, rather than drawing premature conclusions.   Taking a subjective impression and saying it is the definite truth and that you know...