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  1. Head_case

    Is my old sony D-11 something special, or no true D-11?

    I'm sure it was expensive then.    When the Technics SXLPS 900 came out, this was the first discman with DAC quality and a remote-control  It cost around £300 ($450US) in the 1990s - probably round £1000 in real terms today!      Alas, electronics depreciate.  The D-11 had a number of...
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    What book are you reading right now?

    "Just a general query. I used to read a lot, but unfortunately that habit seems to have dwindled in the past year or so. Any tips or suggestions on how to pick up the habit again? I have so many books on the 'to do' list but I rarely get around to reading!"   Don't know if this applies ...I...
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    Your top three audio related purchases 2015

    Top audio purchases of 2015?   - large python skinned san xian lute.  Now I've got to learn to play the dam thing!    - Grayzna Bacewicz - Complete string quartets by Amar Corde (finally!)  Incredible female composer whom I've loved ever since the Warsaw Piano Quintet and the Wilanow Quartet...
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    Ray Samuels Emmeline The Shadow REVIEW

    Thanks for the fun read Pharoseye!   It's not too late lol...this reply is even later.   I can't say I'm a huge gear head acquisition syndrome head_case, although I have 3 portable amps now (only because I keep mislaying the really tiny Pico Slim and think I've blown it and dropped it...
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    Pico Slim first impressions and reviews thread. See p31 onwards for a couple of solid reviews + pics + useful info.

    It's great isn't it?    I must've got my chrome coloured first edition one about the same time as you.  Love it lots with my Sennheiser HD25/Amperior set up for running.   Works great for the Beyerdynamic T5ps - shockingly well!  The leatherette case is a bit battered but the little amp is so...
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    The beauty of a vase

    They are great for clamping headphones around like a stand :D   Here's one of my favourites by Locatelli for  Driade:
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    Headache....every connection wobbles

    Happy New Year!   Apologies for the delay ... away for Christmas listening to lots of music on the hi-fi instead of headphones :)   I think my tablet, Samsung S2/3 are well used/old and wearing out, or the bloatware problem as you suggest, has got the better of it.  I tried deleting bits and...
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    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    I know it's only just been outted on Massdrop and delivered recently, but since this is Head-Fi, has anyone disconnected the fixed cables and rebalanced them yet? :)
  9. Head_case

    Tube amp for Grado sr225e and Sennheiser HD 650

    TTVJ Milletts Portable Amp!  That will go well with heavy metal ... you also get the pure ringing metal of the tube design :D   For under $100...tough call.  Anyone other than Fiio users know.   I'm on a Pico Slim which is superb for driving 32ohm impedance amps.'s starting to...
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    Headache....every connection wobbles

    Wow - your experience of the iPod is exactly the same as mine.  I still have mine, but it stutters and doesn't make it easy if i switch computers.      I never learnt how to use digital ipods and phone things for music.  I had a few albums on my Samsung Galaxy S3 but it keeps slowing the phone...
  11. Head_case

    portable amp and headphones for electric guitar

    Many thanks - wow has it been that long since I was last here!   The Vox portable amps are okay - not the best but great for practice.    I ended up with a Yamaha THR5 practice amp which has a headphone socket which the guitar plugs into.   It works very well and feels more alive than the...
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    Headache....every connection wobbles

    Hi,     Long time no post :D    I hope everyone's doing well and listening to great stuff.   I'm still on my mini-disc player with my TTVJ Milletts Hybrid portable amp and HD25ii.    Thing is, I stopped listening to music for some time due to the wobbles.     I mean... my mini-disc...
  13. Head_case

    High Quality Sound Closed Headphones for Classical Music - budget £100-250

    Hi there,    you might find the sound stage of the Momentum way too compressed.  All the Sennheisers I have tend to be darker or veiled.   The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x seems to be the more vivid out of the choice you've listed, not that the Shures should be overlooked either.   The Sennheiser...
  14. Head_case

    Thunderpants vs HD650 (stock or otherwise)

    any comments on the isolation quality of the Thunderpants? Esp. compared to the best of the isolating closed backs?
  15. Head_case

    portable amp and headphones for electric guitar

    does anyone here play electric guitar? I play acoustic but need a silent option before I get kicked out of home...always wanted an electric anyway.... Is it possible to hook my Milletts portable amp or Pico slim to some portable guitar pre amp without the big black boom box? If you have a...
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    Vinyl Record Players?

        Quote:   I don't know, but my Michel Gyrodec set up is.        I use digital all the time - two fingers to those noughts and ones evangelists who think that technology's advances make analogue vinyl obsolete    If you need to ask the question, it might help if you...
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  18. Head_case

    Review Best under $200: Audio technica Ath M50, Shure SRH840, and Sennheiser HD 25 1 II

    Sad to see the OP is now banned...?     Well I've had my Sennheiser HD25 IIs for over 5 years ...and they are finally breaking.  The magnets are damaged, and it cost me US$70 just to get them fixed last year, so I think I'll retire them after they go completely.    The Shure SRH840, I...
  19. Head_case

    Creepy/Horror setting music?

    Shostakovich:   Rihm:   Bartok:   That should get you started :)
  20. Head_case

    Portable Amp for Sennheiser HD25

    Quote: I haven't used this board for over a year, so it's funny seeing how the same old questions come up again.     The Senn HD25 IIs do benefit from portable amps (depends on the amp).  I use a TTVJ Milletts Portable with mine.  It is absolutely first class.  The sound quality opens...
  21. Head_case

    TTVJ Slim and Grado 325si --- Warm?

    Sounds like it's probably easier just to change your headphones!   As nice as the Grado reviews are, in practice I find them overly reviewers who complain that 'Sennheisers' are too dark or veiled.   With the digital noise from your iThing, you'd be best getting the TTVJ Slim...
  22. Head_case

    Ultrasone PRO 900 first impressions! Amazing!

    Glad you like them :)   I bought mine over 1 1/2 years ago and barely listened to it 3 times.  I haven't even got more than 3 hours on them, let alone burn them in for 200.    They just aren't 'closed back' enough for me.  I really cherish the closed back (noise pollution reduction)...
  23. Head_case

    Just Ordered the TTVJ Slim

    There might be other amps on the market...but do they sound as warm as these ones are reputed to sound?    I have a TTVJ Portable Milletts which I absolutely love.  It's been my travelling companion for the past 2 years (almost) since I joined here.    I'm not surprised you're...
  24. Head_case

    DAC/AMP Question. HD-25-ii

    Fantastic headphones - I've been using them for over 10 years in its various incarnations - with no amps.    Only started using it with a Milletts portable tube amp TTVJ/Hybrid last year.    It's really superb - opens up the sound stage and adds more powerful bass attack and tight rhythm...
  25. Head_case

    HeadAmp Pico Slim Amp: Pre-Order Requests

        Hmm -   Justin - isn't it time to delete all those blanks (i.e. those who still haven't paid, over 2 weeks after the closing date for payments were stated) so that others waiting to get on the limited edition run have a shot?     Just wondering ....seems unfair that those blanks...