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  1. Minarets

    Ghostek sodrop BT headphones

    I know BT and less expensive sets do not usually do well here but every YouTube video and Amazon review I can find raves about these. $90 on Amazon right now too. Anyone try them?
  2. Minarets

    JBL Synchros S700. Why no talk?

    Curious why these get virtually no discussion here. I have read some great reviews and some horrible ones. More good Han bad though. Can't figure out where these stand. I'm definitely curious. Well built, closed, detachable cable, over ear....just curious about the live sound thing. No...
  3. Minarets

    Tapatalk issues

    Anyone have them? Using v2 4.0 and I can see all the individual thread in every forum, but when selecting a thread it says no info available, please refresh. Nothing works, so I am having to use head-if in safari or chrome. Just curious if anyone else is having problems.
  4. Minarets

    DT770 80/32 pros, COPs, UE6000, L1s

    I am at a crossroads. I have switched what feels like 100 times in the last week on a decision for my next purchase. Everytime I think I'm sold, something else sways me. I don't have an amp. I know nothing of portable amps. I'm typically listening to music while on the go traveling via plane...
  5. Minarets

    Aviator, MDR V6, or M50

    I am looking for something for my ipod/iphone and fashion isn't of up-most importance. Leakage doesn't really matter. I had the V6s many moons ago and loved them. Tried the Aviator at a Target the other day and was suprised at how good they sounded. And their warranty is unbeatable. Lifetime...
  6. Minarets

    Howdy Howdy! Im back! need some help.

    hey guys, long time no talk. thanks to yall i bought some AKG K81DJs about a year ago and have been very pleased. great price on a closed can with solid bass and i was more than pleased. in some recent events, my wife's friend lost my headphones...dont get me started!!! umm...
  7. Minarets

    cheapest place to buy the AKG K81s?

    amazon are way high, like $95...Guitar Center is $69.99 plus $10 for shipping the place everyone gets em on ebay sells em gor $69.99 as well, but again shipping is in the $10 range. anyone know a better place....with decent shipping times? gotta have em before the 21st....but would prefer 2...
  8. Minarets

    total amp noob...why amp and which amp?

    well guys...i am already addicted to this site. i have been given great help and after my budget and lots of back and forth thinking, i have decided to go with the Alessandro MS1. again, i cant say newb enough. i am that. totally. what will an amp really do for me? just make it louder? is the...
  9. Minarets

    headphone decision. need your help.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you had a $150 to Best Buy...would you rather buy BOSE Tri-ports or some other decent headphone from BB or pay the out of pocket for the Sony MDR-V6 i used to have a pair of the Sonys and...