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  1. ninogui

    Bass and vshape eq.- Sony XB90EX or Atrio MG7 or..?

    Hi guys   I´d like a specific piece of advice   To add to my collection if in ears I´d like to have a bass heavy in ear in the range of 100-150 usd.   Rather have a V shaped eq type and/or slightly recessed mids but extended or resolved trebles. Also prefer dynamics or at most...
  2. ninogui

    Sony XBA-3 or XBA-3IP ?

    Hi guys   I would like to give a go at this Sony model.   However I am in doubt of something.   - the XBA-3 has the cable running down on the left side instead of the center - the XBA-3IP has the cable running down on center because of the ipod control pad   I don´t really like...
  3. ninogui

    Cowon J3 on ebay are people going crazy ?

    Just wanted to comment on this..   used cowon J3 auction from germany ended at 244.10 euros + 8.60 shipping   are people going crazy ? what gives ? isn´t this madness enough to force cowon to...