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  1. canloader

    What kind of Headphones are these?

    Stumbled across this pic: I need a pair ! Looks like some sweet Bass response..... Anyone know?
  2. canloader

    Where have I been? New Toy ~ Pics ~

    Hi all, After a hecktic 1st quarter and a new Harley Davidson XL1200 Custom my HE60 are feeling quite lonely.. Not to worry I'm going to modify my helmet with them built in.. OK not really but it sure is nice to settle back into Electrostats.. Onward in the amplifier seach and Here's a few...
  3. canloader

    Static while streaming thru Firewire port

    Anyone else experienced this? I have a DELL XPS400 2.8Ghz Dual Core w/1Gb DDR2. I'm also using foobar. I have a Seagate 400Gb external drive to house my music. The problem is that while the music is playing and the drive is accessed either for the music or to transfer data I get a bad...
  4. canloader

    Can I borrow your HE60 to STAX cable?

    Hi, Someone help me please. It looks I'm too late on all the great opportunities to get an adapter made... I need to borrow a HE60 Sennheiser to STAX amp adapter. I have a chance to buy the 007t amp from a friend of a co-worker. I have no idea how this sounds.. I will pay shipping of...
  5. canloader

    Jack-O-Lantern Post your pics:

    OK where are they? Here's mine... KittyKat ghoul... With headphones on.. Hmmnn DT770? She drew it I carved it -
  6. canloader

    The HE60/HEV70 is here! :Pics:

    Hi, Just thought I would share some pics of my latest treasure. This setup is an outstanding compliment to my station. Out of the box I was marveled by the design and construction. Upon first listen I knew this was the beginning of a new way to experience music. The research is in full swing...
  7. canloader

    Earspeakers and Dynamic. Owners of both?

    I have read more than a few posts about those wanting to dump the dynamic cans and upgrade to Electrostatic earspeakers. I think the both "compliment" each other. What I mean is, I think it's necessary the have access to a dynamic and electrostatic headphone/earspeaker. The Beyer 880 and 770 are...
  8. canloader

    Beyer Dynamic Headphone stand! pics

    Ok, ok I just though I would share this~ I was strolling through a boutique mall in Encinitas and this jumped out at me. Not bad for $8.00 ! Whattya think? yEa !
  9. canloader

    Anyone seen this? Zombie Arcade - Video

    Has anyone seen this? Is it real or a hoax ? I'm not sure. Cool Vid though OK working !
  10. canloader

    Audio Signal Generator Program >?

    Anybody know where to get or download an audio sig gen program? Something to sweep from 0 - 100kHz ? WIN-XP ?
  11. canloader

    WOO WA-3, ATH-W100 Picture!

    Hi Everyone, Thought I would share some pics! The WOO enjoys listening to the W100's ha!