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  1. Konig

    how to transfer music to ipod without itunes?

    I absolutely hate the itunes interface. I have a gen5 ipod and want to be able to simply drag music from explorer view directly into ipod without dealing with the playlist BS. What is the best alternative software to do this?
  2. Konig

    teach me how to use semi-colon ; when compiling items.

    I know it can be used to list different things in a sentence but provide some clarity on how they are separate e.g. I went to Toronto, Ontario; Los Angeles, California; and Orlando Florida.   My question now is: what if I have different verbs in the list as well?   e.g. Clomipramine...
  3. Konig

    garden state plaza mall, Paramus, Nj parking?

    Im bring my girlfriend to the biggest mall in new jersey tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I heard parking is horrific during saturday. I was just wondering am I able to find space easily at some of the small hotels nearby so I can walk there or there just isnt a chance of finding parking space within...
  4. Konig

    berlin poker tourament robbery

    Why did the organizers keep cash at all? Just write the winner a cheque! YouTube - Robbers bag $1 million jackpot in luxury casino raid
  5. Konig

    back from NY trip - but got a speeding ticket

    NYC is one of my greatest trip ever, with so much to see and do that you can nv get bored. The only thing that ruined it is a speed ticket (74 on 45) given to my friend who was driving my car. The police however got 2 info wrong on the ticket - LICENSE PLATE WAS inaccurate. instead of...
  6. Konig

    Recommend me a program to copy files

    Sometimes when I transfer files from drive C to drive D via windows explorer, it seems that a small amount of files were not transferred. Is there any program that verifies all data and transferred?
  7. Konig

    any car audio experts here??

    My installer recently installed a alpine iva-w505 in a 2003 lexus es300 (mark levinson sound system) with the metra TYTO-01 and encountered some very strange problems. After I turn on the ignition, I will hear a pop sound and i will only have the front speakers working. A few tries later...
  8. Konig

    graphics card help

    I bought 2 x geforce 280 gtx for my computer. My computer runs amd athlon xp 1700+ and antec 550w. I saw a 6pin and 8 pin socket on the graphics card. I inserted a 6pin pci-e power connector from my power supply to the graphics card but the graphics card did not start up (graphics card fan didnt...
  9. Konig

    computer upgrade advice

    Im trying to upgrade my computer and cant decide btw a core i7 920 or 965 extreme. From most of the reviews I read, the extreme version is just a ridiculous waste of $$$ right now from a performance/price point of view. My question is will there be more programs or OS (windows 7) that can bring...
  10. Konig

    got cheated on ebay but too late for dispute

    I recently got cheated on ebay by a 1600+ feedback vendor whom I dealt with for 2 years to buy my mum's cosmetics. 2 of his products did not come with functional seals and he agreed to exchange them. However, his products never reached the hotel I stayed in and he had failed to respond to 2...
  11. Konig

    why stocks are more accessible than bonds?

    My parents were trying to buy certain bonds without going to the bank but it seems that there isn't many online trading platforms for bonds like there is for stocks. Anyone here know why or can recommend ways of buying bonds cost efficiently?
  12. Konig


    Taste Commentary - I got this article when I was trying to find out why chinese ciagrettes cost so much compared to the American ones. Im wondering if anyone smoked them before and willing to give some feedback. Thanks
  13. Konig

    printer discount 1 week after i bought it

    I bought a printer off B & H 2 weeks ago but it was just discounted another $30 today. I remember there is a policy in the States that some vendors has to rebate you the discount if you bought the product not awhile ago. I wonder what is the proper name of this policy and if I should bring this...
  14. Konig

    ebay dispute for cosmetics

    I bought cosmetics for my mum from an ebay vendor with 1000+ feedbacks. I've dealt with him in the past with no problems but this time around 2 of the 4 products he sent me did not have proper seals. He said that he checked them every time and found them to be new and unused before sending but...
  15. Konig

    Do US government enforce road toll payment from Canadians?

    I drove through an EZ pass lane during the weekend because there is no cash payment accessible. I was coming down a ramp and all I can get access to is 2 EZ pass lane because the road is divided into 4 lanes on the left and 2 lanes on the right, with a barrier in between. There is one cash...
  16. Konig

    can you upgrade shipping when goods already sent?

    Is there anyway you can upgrade shipping when the goods are already on the way during ground shipping?
  17. Konig

    post your fav animal clip

    here is my fav: YouTube - Monkey mess with tiger If i were the tiger I will ask my mum to finish the monkey off
  18. Konig

    which website to find used cars?

    im trying to get buy a used car and only know ebay so far... do u guys have any recommendation of other websites?
  19. Konig

    fed to buy mortgage? Worldwide Im not sure how this will turn out, but i have only one question. If the fed stop cutting rates and buy up those mortgage, doesn't it make USD depreciate even more since holding USD effectively means holding those degraded mortgage? I hope this discussion will not...
  20. Konig

    are ski equipments cheaper in the summer?

    im getting ski equipments first time so I'd like to know if i should buy now or should i wait till the summer? Are european brands better than American brands? Quick search on the internet turns out more american brands than european brands....
  21. Konig


    im running out of my "fuente herbal bath" shampoo and thinking of changing brand. y not list your fav shampoos and give me some ideas?
  22. Konig

    why do people buy swiss francs?

    Im steadily getting out of $USD and trying to fill my portfolio with more credible currencies and most people suggest the Japanese Yen and Swiss francs. However, I found theres a common misconception that the Japanese Yen and Swiss francs are backed by gold. A quick check on wikipedia...
  23. Konig

    are young men struggling with sexual id?

    I dont know if u know what hello kitty is, but someone will have to pay me to make me wear something like tt. The Associated Press: Hello Kitty Turns Attention to Young Men
  24. Konig

    help me name a car part

    My mum has damaged a big black plastic covering the underneath of the front of a toyota camry. Does anyone know what car part this is called? I thought its a mud guard but mud guards are placed in front of doors so.............
  25. Konig

    mortgage rate freeze

    I was rather surprised that the plan got through. Im just wondering who is ultimately paying for the home owner's bad decision? I thought the banks are discounting and freezing their rates to "help" these homeowners but "helping" middle class people out seriously doesnt sound like what a banker...