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  1. Daniel4IEM

    MMCX cables with NOISE CANCELING inline Mic?

    Anyone aware of any MMCX cables with NOISE CANCELING inline Mic? Trying to use the Fidue A83 for work conference calls in home office. Thinking the seal should block out most of screaming kids for me and the ANC will help for those on other end of call
  2. Daniel4IEM

    Advice on closed earphones

    Hi all,   Up until now my adventure with headphones has been limited to IEMs. Started off with a pair of Shure's and upgraded about a year or so ago to Westone 4's, which I've loved every minute of. Now I'm looking for something to wear at work to block out noise but can take off and put on...
  3. Daniel4IEM

    Comply "wax-guard" tips

        On a pair of Shure SCL4's  I ended up having to replace the nozzle which fits into the ear canal due to wax getting lodged inside. Those parts are customer replaceable and cheap enough that I didnt really find it a big deal. On the Westone W3's, that piece is not replaceable and I am a...