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  1. Sinbios

    Wire Recommendation?

    I'm looking for some wire for a project. It has to be 12 gauge, two conductor wire, and as flexible as possible - eg no tough PVC covering the outside, preferably silicone or vinyl or some softer material. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Sinbios

    Mozart's Lacrimosa, Solo Version?

    I heard a bit of Mozart's Lacrimosa sang by a solo soprano accompanied by orchestra in a video (namely, Fate/Stay Night episode 4), and I'm wondering if it's possible to find this in a recording somewhere. Every recording of the Lacrimosa I have are choral pieces
  3. Sinbios

    Ribbon Cable Soldering?

    Ok, I managed to cut one of those hard plastic orange ribbon cables you usually find in electronics in half. I would like to solder it back together, but I can't manage to strip the insulation off from the cable. I've tried scraping with a knife and burning with a soldering iron. Any advice for...
  4. Sinbios

    A question of channels

    Ok, so I have two sources, and one jack, which my phones plug into. I want each channel on the phone to play one source. To do this, I hacked up a cable with the left channel going into the source's left channel, and the right channel to the other source's right channel, and then tied both...
  5. Sinbios

    Wallwart causes buzzing?

    My new elpac got in the door today, and when I plugged it into my Pimeta, there's a buzz coming out of it. Not too serious, but very annoying when the pot's turned more than halfway. Now, when I touch my finger to the DC jack, it goes instantly away. However, when I grounded the jack to ground...
  6. Sinbios

    Faceplate Work Advise?

    I've been trying to fit my pimeta into a serpac h65, and everything fits fine. However, I've already destroyed two face plates while trying to drill out the holes, either making them too big or off somehow. Is there a program or something that will help me make a faceplate design and print it...
  7. Sinbios

    HD280 Replacement Headband?

    I got a pair of HD280's from a friend, and the headband's literally falling apart - it's in like 6 chunks right now. I experimented a bit with epoxy, but it's just too much trouble. Looking through sennheiser's website, they don't have a replacement part listed for the HD280 headband, either...
  8. Sinbios

    Otakon Aug. 17-21

    I know there are a few anime/manga fans on this board, is anyone planning on attending Otakon?
  9. Sinbios

    Otakon Aug. 17-21

    Oops, double thread.
  10. Sinbios

    AKG K501 earpads?

    I think the stiff earpads are the main reason the K501's are seen as hard to drive - when you take them off, they sounds the same as any other headphones, but they just leak so much sound. Are there nice squishy velour earpads that will fit on the K501's?
  11. Sinbios

    Would some kind soul in the US add my Mouser order to theirs?

    ...since shipping to Canada for a 1/2 pound package costs $13 + unknown duties I'll pay the extra shipping costs to you, shipping to me, paypal fees, etc... it'll probably end up being $5 =__=;
  12. Sinbios

    Good recording sound card?

    I'm looking to buy a good sound card for my school's music department, and the budget's between $200-$400CDN. We also must have at least eight inputs. What are your recommendations?
  13. Sinbios

    Bypassing opamps - hiss reduction?

    In the past, I've had some hissing problems with low-impedance phones and my MINT amp. - I'm not sure if it's oscillation, so how would I measure it with my o-scope? - If it is oscillation, would adding bypass caps to the opamps get rid of the noise? - What values should I use, and...
  14. Sinbios

    Crowbar Diode... resistance?

    Is there supposed to be resistance across the crowbar? I had to mangle mine up a bit to fit, and now it reads 180 ohms from cathod to anode o_O. If it's supposed to have this, wouldn't this affect the supply voltage?
  15. Sinbios

    Anyone have two spare BUF634P's...

    Originally, I bought some 634U's for my pimeta, and when I got the board, I realized the SOIC chips are all on the back side of the board. I'm also stacking the buffers, and there is no way it'll fit into a serpac h65 if I add 2x stacked buffers to the bottom. Does anyone have some spare DIP...
  16. Sinbios

    OPA627 w/ Single 9V Clipping?

    I haven't been too happy with the with the bright sound of the AD8620 in my MINT, so I'm considering using the top BB chip for my PIMETA. However, I plan to fit everything into a Serpac H65, so I can only use a single NiMH 9V. On tangent's page, the OPA627 is supposed to clip at 9.8V @ 2V into...
  17. Sinbios

    Weird MINT Pot Problem

    My MINT's pot is behaving strangely - when I turn the volume up or down too fast, the sound either crackles and turns to a hum (if I'm running on the DC jack), or just stops (if I'm running on batteries). It comes back when I stop turning. Is the pot bad, or is this a problem with my amp...
  18. Sinbios

    Self-grounding idea

    Since I've fried three opamps, two buffers, and a soundcard in the past month since I moved my soldering station to the basement, I'm beginning to suspect that the carpet there might have static problems. So, I've devised a simple solution: cover the area where I sit with aluminum foil, then...
  19. Sinbios

    MINT problem

    I've had nothing but problems with my MINT, but I think I'm getting closer. Right now, both channels are emitting a whine, and DC offset on both channels are ~1.5V! Neither the opamp nor the buffers are getting hot, and I've replaced both several times, with the same results. The part I'm...
  20. Sinbios

    Auditioning shops in Palo Alto?

    Anyone know if there are headphone shops that let you audition the 'phones in Palo Alto? A friend is interested in getting into Hi-Fi, but wants to try them first.
  21. Sinbios

    PIMETA Bass Boost?

    Looking at this thread, it seems the bass boost circuit in the PPA is simply a pot in parallel with R7. Now, where would this be in the PIMETA circuit?
  22. Sinbios

    e2c's - intermittent left channel

    The left channel on my e2c's is cutting out intermittently, and I think it's a problem with the cable. I would normally fix this myself, but a) I think the problem lies at the base between the cable and the casing of the phone, and b) I'm planning to make a gift of them. I've heard so much about...
  23. Sinbios

    MINT troubles - collapsed ground (56k Warning!)

    My MINT refuses to do the virtual ground properly, and I can't figure out what's wrong. I'm using a TLE2426 to split the voltage, but it's always collasped to one side. The only reason I can think of is I've put the splitter in wrong somehow... the middle pin bends back to the middle hole on...
  24. Sinbios

    CRD @ digikey?

    anyone know if digikey carries any CRD's that apply to the MINT and PIMETA? if not, does anyone have a couple spares that i can buy?
  25. Sinbios

    zen xtra upload troubles

    ok, here's the situation. i have two songs of the same title, one has "instrumental" in the comments field, and also the filename. when i try to upload them, however, my zen xtra only wants to recognize one of them. any idea how i can get both uploaded?