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  1. Padawan38

    MHDT Labs Pagoda ?

    Hello I'm looking for great DAC around 1000 Euros (I'm Europe based). I'm very interested into the MHDT Pagoda but haven't seen any reviews nor direct comparison to other DAC. I know M2Tech Young, Mytek 192, W4S DAC2, Hegel HD25, VDAC+VLINK, Atoll DAC 200. As a reference I also have recently...
  2. Padawan38

    Looking for great portable headphone amp

    Hello,   I recently bought Philips Fidelio X1 and now looking for a great - small size - portable headphone amp. I pay lot of attention in sound quality and objective is to match with an iphone for portable purpose and plugged to PC in home use.   As I was initially looking for an...