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  1. midnightwalker

    Having issue access Head-fi

    Hi,   Does everyone have issue accessing Head-fi? Everytime I got into Head-fi, my browser redirects me to the below link: hxxp://   It happens when I go to Head-fi only.    Thanks!
  2. midnightwalker

    Paypal Gift option

    Hi,   I am about to use the Paypal gift option to make payment today but seems it disappeared, only two options left:   - The first one: seller pays fee - The second one: buyer pays fee   My account is US based. Anyone has the same issue? 
  3. midnightwalker

    Question regarding to re-molding service

    Hi,   Does anybody know which company is providing the best re-molding service till now in term of pricing and quality? I'm in US now so US companies are preffered.
  4. midnightwalker

    Fisher Audio cable problem

    The cable is very good for couple months until I experienced sound loss when turn my head to left or right. The cable problem is so strange with its position.   Take a look at the pix, any one else experienced this problem?  
  5. midnightwalker

    Need review on Touch 4 vs Touch 3

    Is there anyone owning/listening both Touch 4 and Touch 3? Could you please drop me some lines comparing the sound quality of these 2 with/without using LOD.   Thank you very much
  6. midnightwalker

    Quick question: what's the best price for auth. Beats Studio atm?

    I'm going to buy 1 for my friend on his birthday and he loves the Studio so don't suggest me other headphone ^_^   If you know is there any where I can get it for good price please post it here of pm me. Seems all the coupons on EE is expired   Thank you very much  
  7. midnightwalker

    How can I contact admin board?

    I can't find admin board or team leaders of head-fi anywhere.  I need their help to remove scammer' s post in my feedback thread.   K
  8. midnightwalker

    Any deal on shure se530?

    I wonder where can we buy the new shure se530 with warranty at this moment. I used to buy a Se530pth for $260 but they're out of stock now. Any idea?
  9. midnightwalker

    How can we know Beats by Dr Dre Studio fake?

    Does anyone know how to check a fake/genuine Beats by Dr Dre Studio?
  10. midnightwalker

    Deal alert: Sony EX700lp $299->$99

    What the hell going on? $300 now become $100 MDR-EX700LP | Supreme EX Earbud Style Headphones | Sony | Sony Style USA
  11. midnightwalker

    What is the cheapest price for a brandnew HD650 currenlty?

    I used to buy it for $330 + free ship at J&R and now I need another pair, so anyone can help me to find out what is the cheapest price for a brandnew HD650 currenlty?
  12. midnightwalker

    Replacement battery for Xtra X1

    Anyone can help me to find the replacement battery for Xtra X1 (Designed by T&D) ? Try to google but couldn't find any info about it.
  13. midnightwalker

    Westone 3 for really really cheap price

    I did a price search on taobao (chinese website) for the westone 3 and very supprised that almost the brandnew Westone 3 from there are around $258-$270. Don't know is it fake or genius but it's really cheap even cheaper than EBAY. Did someone try to buy a pair from their website? Taobao is a...
  14. midnightwalker

    D2 Viper opamp...Need your recommendation

    As far as I read from many articles, the D2 viper after rolling opamp may beat the predator so I'm interested so much on that. Please recommend me some type of opamps so I can make it comes true Also, where can I buy it ? Currently, I'm living in Vietnam but I can buy it online: US, AUS, SIN...
  15. midnightwalker

    3move power issue

    Is it possible if we powered the 3move with usb connect to computer and use that 3move to connect with other sources (mp3 player or so) ? Seems I couldn't do it. Anyone can help? Thanks
  16. midnightwalker

    Which one is better: Minibox E+ vs Corda 3move

    Please give me your opinion on this. Minibox E+ and Corda 3Move...which one is better in term of amp (just ignore the DAC)?
  17. midnightwalker

    [Portable amp] Denon D2000 markl mod or HD650

    I'm currently using move, minibox e+ and 2move in future. Now, it's hard for me to chose D2000 markl mod or HD650 Please suggest me what is best for me? I'm not going to upgrade better so it'll stop at 2move.
  18. midnightwalker

    iBasso P3 or Corda Move???

    Hi, As I usually work out and spending almost time on the street with mp3 player and amp so I don't really need the DAC. Could you guys please suggest me which one will be the best choice for amp-only: iBasso P3 or Corda Move (or another amp)? Your recommendations will be highly appreciated