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  1. markl

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Ah, "I see" said the blind man. Haven't seen that before.
  2. markl

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Missed that part! Haven't handled a green pair yet so don't have info on that. Haven't encountered this on any of the red mk II's.
  3. markl

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hi guys, this loose swivel issue was a small problem that occurred with the initial run of these phones (the original TH-900, not the Mark II) when they first came out. Fostex solved the problem on the subsequent production runs.
  4. markl

    Denon AH-7200

    Hi xinghui0711 Thank you for the pics. Would it be possible to get a few close-up pics of the rear of the driver assembly (this piece):       Also, the interior of the wood cups would be useful much obliged. Cheers.   Mark
  5. markl

    How To Build One Of The World's Finest Dynamic Headphones (markl Denon AH-D5000 Mods)

    Hey guys, I agree with Bostonears on the damping of the driver front, the regular Dynamat Extreme can be too heavy for the typical listener on some equipment. I have not tried the specific material he mentions, but these days, for phones where we do apply material to driver front, we use a...
  6. markl

    D2000 now same cable as D5000/7000?

    movi, correct, D2000 and D7000 have different wire inside; they also have different sheaths.
  7. markl

    D2000 now same cable as D5000/7000?

    Hi guys, Here are some pics of the D2000 cable and the D7000 cable to compare. D2000 on the left and D7000 on the right. First one shows the different copper. The pic doesn't cature it that well, but the D7000 wire is softer, more flexible and is more orange/pink than the D2000 wire due to...
  8. markl

    D2000 now same cable as D5000/7000?

    It's the rumor that won't die! I can't say for sure that there has never been a D2000 that somehow got a D5000 or D7000 cable put on it at the factory by mistake or something. I can say, in all the hundreds we've handled, we haven't seen it.
  9. markl

    does anyone have internal photos of the LA7000?

    Hi guys, Neither of the two damping materials used in the LA7000 are dynamat, they are similar compounds, less rigid, less thick and heavy than Dynamat. We've done a lot of testing with different materials, they aren't at all all created equal by any stretch. We've discovered D7000 doesn't go...
  10. markl

    Buying a MD5000 third (or fourth) hand - How can I tell its Markl Modded?

    Hi guys, thanks for bringing this up. For some time now we have been shipping all product with a certificate of authenticity with serial number. We have records of all of our phones and customers of course, so we can authenticate it's one of ours. We invited all previous customers to e-mail...
  11. markl

    Help me find out if Doors Legacy is clipping.

    Quote: I know you have said in the past that all remasters you've heard sound better than their previous version and that's fine with me. I completely disagree and find many of them just too compressed and punchy for my tastes, preferring the much wider dynamic range of the earlier...
  12. markl

    D7000 instead of D5000 - Worth the cost?

    Hi Necrolic, I can't agree with your observations or your characterization of the prevailing sentiment about the sound of the mods and our phones, but that's life on ye olde internet.
  13. markl

    D7000 instead of D5000 - Worth the cost?

    Quote: The beauty of D7000s is that they cost about $150-$200 more than a markl modded D5000, but they control the bass very well and don't need a mod, yet they maintain the beautiful musicality of the D5000s that the Markl mod somewhat taints. ??? Necrolic, you have a lot of...
  14. markl

    Which is superior: MD2000 or D5000

    Quote: Denon has started using the same cable on the D2000 and D5000 We haven't seen a D2000 that has a D5000 cable on it so far, FWIW.
  15. markl

    how to recognize a "new" Denon AH-D2000 ?

    Out of all the D2000s we've handled (a lot) we've yet to see one with an upgraded cable.
  16. markl

    D5000 Custom Cup Damping Question

    Hi Necrolic, Thank you for your question, but I'm unable to answer here. Feel free to use our Sponsored Threads forum thread.
  17. markl

    D5000 Custom Cup Damping Question

    Hi, It's a common mis-conception that when you damp the phones as laid out in the mod instructions that there is some loss of actual musical bass information. Nothing is done to the driver itself, it's still reproducing all the frequencies as normal. All that has been done is to increase the...
  18. markl

    Have Denon changed the inside of the D2000 cup?

    Hi guys, that's the way the D2000 has always been.
  19. markl

    Elbow- Asleep In The Back Deluxe Edition

    One of my all-time desert island discs. Jumped on the new DE version the instant I found out about it. After long pre-order, it finally arrived. As much as I'm mildly interested in the extras, main draw for me was the hope that it had been remastered. Why remaster such a recent CD? LOUDNESS...
  20. markl

    Introducing Lawton Audio-- Denon Mods, Re-Cables, Woodies & More.

    SALE: LA7000 10ft. Jena Labs Cable/Sheath/1/4" Furutech/Mahogany Cups-- DEMO Gently used demo unit comes with African Sepele Mahogany cups. The Mahogany is an excellent all-around wood no matter what your musical or sonic tastes, perhaps erring slightly on the warmer, more relaxed...
  21. markl

    NEW REVIEW of LA7000s - enjoythemusic

    Thanks, guys, we're pretty pleased to be getting some attention from the mainstream press. The reviewer, Mr. Linden Park, really did a thorough and complete job; he spent a LOT of time with the phones, both mod-ed and un-mod-ed to compare and contrast and I think that shows in the finished...
  22. markl

    The Ultimate Sennheiser HD800 Cable From Lawton Audio-- The Adrenaline! Plus Senn HD800 Connectors for DIY-ers!

    Hi darkless, thanks for taking the time to write up your impressions. Just one comment about this observation: Quote: This does mean that you need to be very careful that you don't accidentally pull in the rubber-coated strain relief when disconnecting the cable from the headphone...
  23. markl

    The New Analogue

    About 5 years ago, I remember seeing somewhere on TV a story about a solid state music medium, as a potential "wave of the future". No moving parts, no lasers, no digital encoding, no data loss, just some hunk of plastic and metal that somehow contains the music, you place it into the playback...