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    Goodbye Winamp
  2. psyco1

    Best amp/dac under $100 for DT 770 Pro /80

    I've got the 250's and it sounds pretty good, but it doesn't get very loud. The E10 DAC/line out into my M3 is a different story, loads of power there and sounds great. I don't know how well that will translate to the 80ohm, though.
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    DAP mW specs thread

    Yea, I'm pretty sure the Zen nx & extra are both 50mw, my nx has no problem getting 580's to decent levels. Am I correct to assume that the Shuffle and Nano put out the same as the big ipods?
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    what do you use for working out?

    ksc-35/ ipod shuffle light, small and sounds good
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    Need help with 414 sennheiser 414 mod

    I used a quarter sized hole and reversed the pads, the hole size determines how much the pads bowl. A quarter's diameter makes a good approximation for the stock bowls, a wider hole will make something more akin to the flats.
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    So I want a headphones

    Sony V6
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    Cause of Beethoven's Death Determined

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears I had also heard the theory that Beethoven had contracted syphillis congenitally through his father (seemed farfetched), and it wouldn't have surprised me if he too were infected. When you think of all of the personalities that contracted the disease...
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    Replacing speakers with headphones for college.

    9x13? You may want to consider closed phones because your roomie will hear what you're listening to in a room that small with most open phones.
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    Grado RS80 or Sennheiser HD590

    Yes, the 590 takes a while to burn in. Let it play a few days and just use it normally after that.
  10. psyco1 5 Pro + P to S adapter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gerG On single driver canal phones adding series resistance increases the relative level of treble, while reducing the overall volume. On dual driver canal phones it only reduces the overall level. I think it is because the treble driver is isolated by the...
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    NOOBS:FAQ about the "fuzz"...

    I think I need to scratch something fuzzy.
  12. psyco1 5 Pro + P to S adapter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by redshifter ecost has it right now for under us$200, btw. All I see is the black & white both for $249. Thanks for alleviating my concerns, redshifter.
  13. psyco1 5 Pro + P to S adapter?

    Really, damn. I was under the impression that it dropped the level and tightened the bass, like it does with the Etys and the ksc-35.
  14. psyco1 5 Pro + P to S adapter?

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a 5pro but was concerned about the "sometimes too much" bass, especially after having the ER-4p and was wondering if anyone had tried the P to S adapter to adjust the sound, and if so, how did it change?
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    Sorry to bother you guys.

    Jump on that ksc-35, it's a great phone for the price and I bet you won't be disapointed with the sound at all.
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    Grado RS80 or Sennheiser HD590

    The 590* has much more bass than the sr125, it extends much more deeply too. That said, the 125 has more slam with the bass it has. I find the 125 to be more bright from every source and amp I've run them both through. The 590 is more comfortable, has a bigger soundstage(as if everyone didn't...
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    "Girlfriend" Head Phones

    ksc-75 Sure, it's not a Qualia or HE90, but it's $20, sounds decent, comfortable enough, won't mess up hair and doesn't look Jecklin Float geeky. Then, if she doesn't like'em, you get a good set of portables.
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    So you have your heaphones. What song gives you that 'feeling' when you use them?

    sr-125: To Bid You Farewell - Opeth dt770: Mondoshawan - 5th Element Soundtrack hd-590: Kid A - Radiohead hd-580: String Quartet in C-Sharp Minor - Beethoven/BoB Soundtrack A900: In the Shadow of our Pale Companion - Agalloch ER-4p: Patterns in the Ivy - Opeth ksc-35: 46 & 2 - Tool
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    airplane headphones for just sleeping exnay music

    How much are you willing to spend?
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    I've compared the Etymotic ER4P to Ultimate Ears UE5c!

    He might not have had a good seal, and even if he did the 27 ohm P model and the ipod together aren't going to get a whole bunch of bass anyway with the ipod's bass rolloff with low impedance phones, and it would seem even worse to someone freshly coming from something on the dark side.
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    Best headphones for working out @ the gym?

    Quote: Originally Posted by greenhorn Koss KSC35. That's what I use. It bassy sound really helps me keep pumped up, it's light enough to stay on when running and cheap enough to not be overly cautious with it.
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    Kramer-mod... KSC75...

    Wouldn't drilling the outside frame holes help with airflow, or decrease any standing waves on the rear of the driver? I mean, isn't that one of the major differences between the Grado 125 & 225?
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    Is this a compression artifact or my imagination?

    Try this: Use EAC/LAME preset extreme at 224 kb/s or so and if you burn onto a cd, try burning at 2 or 4x.
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    Grado/Alessandro Amp Recommendations

    Quote: Originally Posted by nanahachi Tubed: Mappletree Audio Design (MAD) EAR + ($300-400 i think) That does sound pretty darn good with a 125.
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    Ear Plug recommendations

    I prefer the rounded on one end foam disposables. They seal in my ear the best, block out the most sound and since they're disposable, there's less chance of an ear infection. I also find them the most comfortable.