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  1. Al4x

    triple fi 10 ruined in the wash.. need new iems!

    hi, i recently put my ultimate ears tf 10s through the wash so i need some more headphones.   i had these before logitech bought the company. i loved the sound signature with prominent top end   should i get the same phones again (considering they are under logitech now) or go for...
  2. Al4x

    Is A2DP really that bad?

    Im looking at the sony MW600 to pair with my htc desire and UE triple fi 10s, the desire isnt amazing as it is but will it sound really bad on this? looking for others with actual experience
  3. Al4x

    Trouble ripping and playing blu ray on PC

    i now have myself a BD-ROM 8x [samsung b083L] and the space to copy my blu rays to HDD but i am having problems actually doing it i have tried using DVD FAB and copying 'main movie] to hard disc [which leaves me with lots of folders] and i dont know what to paly and what to play it on...
  4. Al4x

    New tv tuner card for new pc

    i built [sucessfully] my first comp last week but now requirte a tv card and am at a loss theres blackgold and hauppauge whic i know are good [but expensive] and loads more, msi, compro, kworld, asus etc i require a dual dvb-t tuner and if possible with a decent remote...
  5. Al4x

    Bluray via PC

    i know different blu ray players come with all sorts of varying features however, if i get a blu ray drive [internal or ext] does it matter what i get? [ie, does the computer do ALL the work?]
  6. Al4x

    Car coolant issue

    my car has developed a coolant leak its so rapid that turning the engine on uses it up instantly, the car isnt overheating [according to the dash computer] and has obviously done alot of miles seeing as it is instant :/ i cannot locate [its wet everywhere and cant see if its leaking is...
  7. Al4x

    Where have all my GBs gone?

    i have done yet another fresh install of windows 7 installed all drivers and programs thers now 70gb of used space out of 400 availible!! i can only allocate for 16gb! [i opened the (C) drive and highlighted everything and clicked properties inc hidden files] wheres the space gone...
  8. Al4x

    Windows 7 dwn.exe problem :/

    well this is my 3rd instsall of windows 7, each time a new problem arises, this time its the DWM.exe process, it seems that randomly it spikes to 25% cpu and everything judders, the mouse stops working properly, the lights on my USB mouse go off and on, and its really annoying, im running...
  9. Al4x

    Need a bluetooth headset [for new phone and skype]

    so ive got a long distance relationship and could do with one of these for skype to skype free calls [owe about a 75 landline bill for the month] and i was wondering on recomendations.. looking for a good one, less than £100 [i have no issues buying something more expensive over ebay but...
  10. Al4x

    Installing firfox on windows 7 error

    i cannot install firefox [first thing ive tried] on windows 7, comes up in a box with 'run as' in the title and says 'you may not have the necessary permissions... ' then asks to instal as administrator, asking for a password, or as me im stuck!
  11. Al4x

    Why does my game look like this...

    it looks like this on my monitor, but on a screen shot it looks like it should, whats up? i dont have a clue!
  12. Al4x

    mouth ulcer cure [random topic lol]

    so, i suffer occsionally, [like when stressed] with mouth ulcers, just last week i had a real nasty one right on the area behind the corner of my lip, so even speaking hurt, i had run out of the anbesol/bonjela so wh=ent to tesco to get a new pack, and saw a medicine that claimed to be a one hit...
  13. Al4x

    2 HDTVs im considering..

    yet another tv thread ive started! im looking at LCD: samsungs [40"] UE40B7000 Plasma: panasonic [42"] TX-P42V10 they are totally different to each other, but almost identical in price, [to a point where it doesnt matter] as said in other threads, i will undoubtidly have it hooked...
  14. Al4x

    How to get firefox 3 search bar back to default

    accidently configured firefoxs search bar to ask [via one of those downloaded programs!!] how do i get it back to default? ie when you type in say "bbc" it goes straight to the bbc homepage
  15. Al4x

    finally..reccomend me a 32-42in tv

    having decided im going for the tv option does anyone have and good/bad comments on various 32-42in tvs? and its looking like plasmas may be a no no as this tv will be used sometimes with a pc as a monitor
  16. Al4x

    now cant decide tv or pc monitor

    having possibly decided on a dell pc monitor, im now wondering if i can get a dedicated tv and use that as a monior instead, i was looking at the samsumg 32" LE32B550 nowadays are these lcd tvs as good as a monitor? if so im wondering whether to go for this over a monitor
  17. Al4x

    Anyone see britains got talent susan boyle? [11/04/09]

    i was totally wowed! im not moved by much but this did! + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
  18. Al4x

    do you have a general 'style' of music you listen to?

    listening too music for years and years, like most people, i have finally come to realise what i like in terms of musical style, [not necessarily genre] classical, trance, symphonic metal and others similar genres people generally laugh when i say those genres have similar sounds! ive...
  19. Al4x

    does anyone prefer white text on a black background... the standard way i have no idea if this is unusual but i prefer to have the text light and the backgroung dark, for me its much easier on the eyes, i have set my ff browser so its menus, toolbars etc are like this, i am looking for a way to do it inn office '07 too anyone else...
  20. Al4x

    is an ISA a good idea [maybe UK only]

    cause now i have some money i can fill mine for the year. i was planning to put it in kent building society which is [atm] 6.24% its an under 25 year old one i understand you can do one a year and the original [tho capped at 3600 pounds] can keep growing beyond that after the year is...
  21. Al4x

    Useful firefox addons

    i dont know if this has been done, a search and i couldnt find a similar one, but say if there is i thought it would be useful for people to share any unknown/common addons that others may find useful i use WOT - tells u if a url is safe based upon users own ratings [headfi is...
  22. Al4x

    Need more trance similar to

    thought the best way was to show my media player resized
  23. Al4x

    dt880, is it for me?

    having posted a little bit ago about trying to find a headphone for me the dt880 has come up a few times, so i was wondering if people would say wether its a good or bad idea, ie suggestions also its a high resistance phone and i have no amp, so i was also wondering what amp i would need to...
  24. Al4x

    reccomend me symphonic metal [female] kit

    cant seem to find what im looking for i place value on treble>mid>bass soundstage is important and should be large treble MUST be clean, clear and crisp bass i dont want it boomy and not too much i love nightwish, within temptation xandria visions of atlantis luca turillis...
  25. Al4x

    Anyone heard Luca turillis Dreamquest?

    the album is ace, and i would never have heard it if it were not for last fm and its clever little similar artists sampling! anyone else tried it symphonic, electronic, power metal, female fronted stuff