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  1. wuwhere

    Pandemic, Work At Home

    State that I live has stay at home. The company I work for has an essential status, still limiting the number of employees at work. Because of what I do I still come to work a few hours a day the rest I'm remote.
  2. wuwhere

    Merging multiple posts within 5 minutes?

    Depending on how this is implemented, this will affect our game posts here.
  3. wuwhere

    Items In The For Sale Forum

    I go to the FS forum often just to read what people sell and how much. I like to read the expensive stuff, specially the expensive headphones and their conditions like hardly used cause I have many headphones. Why did you buy it if you won't listen to it. Do we buy stuff just for the enjoyment...
  4. wuwhere

    Band Name Game II

    Same rules as before.   Name a band or artist who has a name that begins with the same letter that ends the name of the band or artist of the previous poster. For example: If the band I name is "Guns N Roses", then the poster who followed me would pick a band name that begins with an "s"...
  5. wuwhere

    Clarence Clemons RIP

    Can't forget his sax on the song "Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen. RIP.
  6. wuwhere

    New Oppo BDP-95

    It has a terrific DAC. Early impressions are coming out.   You can stream audio or video from an external hard drive through USB or Sata. No need for a USB digital interface.   I can't wait til March.    ...
  7. wuwhere

    Would You Buy A 3D TV?

    Today, I saw the Masters recorded in 3D on a 3D TV in HD. It was interesting given that the broadcast technology is just beginning. As the technology develops, I'm sure this is going to be the next evolution of broadcast technology, gaming and other video entertainment.
  8. wuwhere

    First SDXC Memory Card

    The SDXC spec was just recently approved. Pretec to demo World’s first 32GB SDXC and 100GB 666x CF - SlashGear
  9. wuwhere

    Has anyone here used a pad charger to charge their portables?

    I'm just curious if this would work on portable hp amps, mp3 players, etc... so that I don't have to carry so many different chargers.