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  1. MrTechAgent

    Toot Sweet (It's Really Love) - Johnny Carson Theme Song.

    Hey guys, I am looking for a digital version of this record, this is just a classy song and the origin of Carson's theme song for the Tonight Show. I have Doc Severinsen's album but I can't seem to find this any where. It seems to be a very limited release. If anyone knows where I'll be able to...
  2. MrTechAgent

    Headphone/Amplifer Shopping in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich?

    So I am going to Germany to visit the Beyerdynamic HQ, in addition to the Beyer stuff I'll buy in Heilbronn I wanted to know if I'll be able to find Violectric, SPL stuff etc.. Thomann is not possible because its too far and no trains are available to go to Treppendorf from Stuttgart which will...
  3. MrTechAgent

    2 Chainz Tests The Orpheus.

    Yeah..I don't if you guys have seen this but its pretty funny. The title is pretty obnoxious "2 Chainz Tests Out $30K Headphones That Put Beats by Dre to Shame - GQ’s Most Expensivest S***" I mean ******* really? Also the owner apparently bought it for $6000 which is pretty good. Good for...
  4. MrTechAgent

    Have to re-flow solder every 24 hours to make my driver work again , what is the reason ?

    So I have the HM5s and I think the title is pretty self explanatory , now 24 hours is a safe figure , I have completely re-cabled so lets the if the problem still persists , what could be the reason ?   Voice coil causing the problem or the connector shorting the left driver ? I don't know , I...
  5. MrTechAgent

    Solid State Valhalla 2 companion (Beyer a20 - Questions)

    So I recently got the V2s and as much as I like them , I am a SS guy at heart , the a20 is supposed to be very good for the price , before the V2s I was dead set on the Soloist SL but passed it because it supposedly had a thin presence region  I am eyeing at the a20 because it is supposed to be...
  6. MrTechAgent

    Bad day turns into a super productive DIY day (Brainwavz HM5 - Open Back Mod)

    I woke up to a dead HM5 , my left cup was not working ...I was diligent , opened it up to see a solder problem and saw nothing , fast forward 2 hours , opened it again and used a magnifying glass to find out broken strands , cut , resolder and BAM works perfectly  Since I was feeling too...
  7. MrTechAgent

    Brainwavz HM5 died :(

    So yeah left cup is dead , switched the cables to see if the cable was bad , result was bad news  This kinda sucks , since the screws are well inside , I am heading to the shop to buy some thin screwdrivers , if its soldered properly I might have to contact Brainwavz :(    Well .it was a...
  8. MrTechAgent

    Mini XLR Wiring Mismatch (Potential Damage ?)

    So ...I was making a cable , was in a rush so made it quite fast , the channels were not cohesive so instead of changing conductors on both ends , I decided to just shift on the Mini-Plug , now I've heard that can harm equipment but ..don't know , wanted to confirm    This guy claims it will...
  9. MrTechAgent

    You loose reputation after editing reviews ?

    Did it for my review and I lost one  Kinda odd , right ? :( 
  10. MrTechAgent

    Sony MDR-ZX700 (Mini-XLR Removable Cable Mod - Take a look :D)

      So ...yeah , I'm 16 into DIY couple months back , this was my most anticipated project , its finally done and the result is fantastic    Parts used -    1) Amphenol AG3MCC   I LOVE AMPEHNOL , they make some of the best stuff out there , price spot on , quality spot on ...
  11. MrTechAgent

    Please Help - Fake 880 Pro (600 Ω) ?

    So I am very close on pulling the trigger on this 880 , I live in India and this guy is selling the PRO-600 which is rare I guess ? The headband seems unusual , he is sending more pictures tomorrow and ironically is shipping to me tomorrow , haven't spend any money yet , will once I get it...
  12. MrTechAgent

    Does Sub-Bass Roll Off cause Driver rattling issues ?

    So this started as an observation .....not many HiFi headphones go through this issue but my HE-300 (REV 3 METAL) has a problem with severe missing information issue in the Sub-Bass this (supposedly) causes rattling noises in the chamber.   Another observation I made was the noise it made was...
  13. MrTechAgent

    Xonar Essence STX (ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WASAPI) What is this ? (Also does it Up-Sample when stock ?)

    Ok will make this short .....there are bits of information all around the forum but could not get a clear picture of this stuff , so I am using the STX with many headphones have loved it in HiFi mode my main question is that have I been missing something ? does ASIO and stuff make a...
  14. MrTechAgent

    Guy with interesting/controversial claims ......(02 > WA7)

    PLEASE READ THIS FIRST - First of all this guy is awesome , I have a lot of respect for his content on YouTube and being a content producer I know how good he is , he does not consider himself a audiophile but his claim in a simple sentence is (02 > WA7) now yeah its SS VS Tube and he says...