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  1. Focux

    Metal or Plastic shell IEM

    Which is more preferable to you? i dislike the feel of plastic but the sheer weight of metal just weighs down after an hour or so of straight listening what are you thoughts?
  2. Focux

    Headamp Gilmore Lite MKii

    i am alr using the JDS Labs Atom, would there be any upgrade if i were to go for the gilmore?
  3. Focux

    Which is a better cure for “upgradetitis”..

    HEX V2 is USD280 more than AFO Which would you go for in consideration of: <in order or weightage> Comfort Performance Resale value Ease of warranty claim (repair/support/replacement etc.) Pls do mention other models under USD1.5K for consideration :)
  4. Focux

    Shanling M0 vs Chord Mojo

    may i seek feedback from users who have: used/ever used or own/owned the Mojo as well as M0? would like to ascertain if the M0 able to produce better sonic performance than mojo excluding price ^ am aware that these 2 products are very different but nevertheless, thanks all
  5. Focux

    My DAP died..

    5 year old FiiO X3 Gen 1 just died FiiO X3 Gen 3, X5 Gen 3 or M7? Current IEM’s paired with are in my sig I cannot tolerate hiss or harsh highs Prefer something that is warm/initimate with good separation Pls do throw in other brands/models worth taking a look at. Thanks all
  6. Focux

    Astell & Kern Billie Jean review

    Dear folks, This is my first review on Head-Fi, pardon and kindly notify me if there are areas which need polishing. For the longest i have been using my iPhone X as my main source for music (well not really it was only launched less than a year back). Earlier today i finally got a microSD...
  7. Focux

    ER4XR vs FitEar F111

    Which would you pick if the ER4's were almost half the price of the F111? Very tempted to get the ER4 but hate the way they stick out :frowning2: on the other hand, i'm also tempted by the new FiiO FH5 and AK Billie Jean BUT the ER4XR deal on Massdrop is awesome Noble Massdrop w lightning...