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  1. Daryn Alexander

    Closed vs Open

    Just wanted to know, since it baffles me as to which one is better. I've never heard the W5000's, but they look nicer and cost more than the open end K701. With closed cans, I know the sound can reverberate and become muddy sometimes from what I've heard on other models. I'm basically looking...
  2. Daryn Alexander

    quick desoldering question

    Need to desolder components. I've been practicing and can get them off easy the first time around with a pump. Then there's a thin layer of solder on the copper pad I can't get off, even with braid. Is this important or can I just solder something else into position?
  3. Daryn Alexander

    Team Britpop Assemble!

    I know you are out there, lovers of British Pop Music. Currently, I'm jamming to Suede's Dog Man Star (then I'll slip on the authentic Be My God/Art vinyl for all you diehards) followed by Strangelove's "Love and Other Demons" Then there's Manic Street Preachers, the Wonder Stuff, and so many...
  4. Daryn Alexander

    Has anyone been watching the news? Probably NSFW, but my office loved it. I especially like the last one because of the subtle way the weatherman makes fun of the newcasters error.
  5. Daryn Alexander

    Cable upgrade for HD595?

    I have the Sennheiser HD595's (120 ohm), and while I love these things, I can't escape the fact that the cable leaves a bit to be desired. Every time I look at it, it SCREAMS "upgrade me!" I know the HD595's have a different connection setup than other Sennheisers, but does anyone know of any...
  6. Daryn Alexander

    Looking for upgraded amp setup

    Hello everyone, During my stay here at Head-fi, I have come down with a horrible (wink) case of upgraditis. Going from the excellent Corda Aria paired with a K701 using the internal DAC, I am now looking to upgrade to a DAC/Amp combo (integrated or separate). This will be computer as source...
  7. Daryn Alexander

    kernel streaming with foobar?

    Hello, I'm new to the foobar thing and am trying to make the most out of it. I am running the 0.9 version of it and have my computer audio setup running through the Corda Aria USB DAC/Amp. Whenever I try to select the output to "USB Audio Device (KS)" it says it can't play the file even...
  8. Daryn Alexander

    ripping negative time

    I have several cd's where it has music marked as negative time, and whenever I try transferring that to computer, it doesn't read this. Sometimes, I couldn't care less. Other times, it is crucial. I am currently running Winamp, as Foobar confuses me at this moment in time. Any way to pull it...
  9. Daryn Alexander

    Bought for a Song

    You know you have at least one. There is one album in your collection that comes to mind when you think of one with only one good song on it, but a highly enjoyable one at that. Now, what is it? I've had this forever, but I bought the Harvey Danger CD "Where have all the Merrymakers Gone?"...
  10. Daryn Alexander

    Extraordinary Machine

    I wanted to start a thread on this to see what everyone else thought...of this AWESOME album by Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine. Years in the making with it's release set back until she found a sound she was comfortable with, it apparently worked. Most of the time, when artists are nitpicky...
  11. Daryn Alexander

    Just another "What should I get?" thread, I guess.

    Okay, so I plan on really investing in a portable audio setup. I have products of embarrassing quality at the moment. Right now, I know I'm getting a Headroom Micro amp and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880's. The only question is what to get as far as the unit itself. I know it'll be something like...