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  1. ed_bollix

    Great prices on AKG phones at Northern Sound & Light!

    Mine arrived Thursday. After about 75 hours of burn/break in the 701 are detailed and clear. I had about an hour last night to listen and then back to the sock drawer. I am very happy with the performance though they are very demanding of my source...
  2. ed_bollix

    burn-in question

    excellent bolg/burn-in info! I have 701's arriving tomorrow and I feel that I am a lot better prepared for them after reading the 701 owners guide and the burn/break-in stuff. thanks!
  3. ed_bollix

    Great prices on AKG phones at Northern Sound & Light!

    Tracking Number: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Type: Package Status: In Transit - On Time Scheduled Delivery: 10/06/2006 Shipped to: ROYAL OAK, MI, US Shipped or Billed on: 10/04/2006 Service Type: GROUND Weight: 4.00 Lbs Where else can I get excited about this??? Damn this place, I miss...
  4. ed_bollix

    Great prices on AKG phones at Northern Sound & Light!

    Northern says... sometime in October. Guy was kind of cranky but I suppose they have a lot of folks calling and checking on these. There is no way to check on-line according to the customer service person.
  5. ed_bollix

    Car FM Transmitter from mp3 player upgrade

    I took the antenna off my car and it made a huge difference.
  6. ed_bollix

    iAUDIO F2

    I love me U3. It's small in capacity but large on features and sound... very well made.
  7. ed_bollix

    Great prices on AKG phones at Northern Sound & Light!

    The 701's are still available at this price. I ordered today with delivery in early October... perhaps faster with a drop ship from AKG. The guy that took the order wondered what the big deal was with the headphones... apparently they have had a lot of orders... no wonder at $244.00 delivered...
  8. ed_bollix

    shure e2c--> 5 pro or shure e4c?

    EQ the E2's and let them hang between some real nice cans, like I did, and you will be happy. (see picture)
  9. ed_bollix

    Shure e2c e2c-n? e4 isolation

    I happily wear my E2's when riding my bike at expressway speed (70MPH) I can basically hear and Shure backs them up with a great warranty.
  10. ed_bollix

    My first good sound setup :]

    Nice, I am also happy with my Creative n200. I have yet to get a nice set of phones... Looking at 880's as the price has become very attractive.
  11. ed_bollix

    Cube World

    Hey, anyone have these? they look cool and I got a good deal on the complete set of 4 on eBay. I hope they make my cube more interesting. I looked for a furum but only found one on flashlights... Anyone know about these things???
  12. ed_bollix

    Why'd you pick your avatar?

    I don't think I have to explain.
  13. ed_bollix

    Nice deal on HD-580

    It is my hope that they make good on the 580's and don't just take the 555's back and issue credit. I even ordered the AD8620 op-amp for my go-vibe in anticipation...
  14. ed_bollix

    Nice deal on HD-580

    Man what did I start. I haven't received mine yet but if they advertised 580's and I ordered 580's they are probably going to end up sending me 580's for $108.95. I am not a big legal type but I think if they advertise that they have to either give the stuff or refund by the letter of the law. I...
  15. ed_bollix

    Go-Vibe Appreciation Thread

    Alexs, I have been using my Version-less Go-Vibe with SR-60's for more than a year and it's a great combination.
  16. ed_bollix

    How Good are shure E2s for the price?

    I like mine. I listen to a meditation mp3 every night when I go to sleep and I think they are comfortable to sleep in. I typically remove em by morning but not all the time. I listen to music through em when I travel and on my bike; more than adequate. I do listen to something else when I sit...
  17. ed_bollix

    Going for some SR-60s, looking for support/dissuasion

    I am perfectly happy with my SR-60's though I do use a GoVibe amp with them most of the time with my Dell MP3 device. I read a lot about other phones but I like the sound and if I don't listen to anything "better" I'm content.
  18. ed_bollix

    Nokia N91 4GB camera/audio phone

    Sounds interesting... a 4GB drive in a Camera Call Phone. I don't know that I want one and I bet it's expensive but it sounds cool! Nokia N91
  19. ed_bollix

    Pictures of your Portable Rig II - The Journey Continues.

    Funny, I set it as my wallpaper too. The kitty replaces my son's dog for now...
  20. ed_bollix

    At what point do you get nervous about your MP3 player's HD space?

    20% free space is a good number. I rip to my computer and only put the stuff I want in portable form on one of my portable devices... Just my .02
  21. ed_bollix

    Should I return my karma and keep Dell dj?

    Keep the Dell, you got a real sweet deal.
  22. ed_bollix

    the coolest flashplayer: samsung YP-T7

    Looks cool enough... time will tell.
  23. ed_bollix

    Proof for the Creative N200 / V200 "click" problem! Pics & Waves.

    I read this on the European forum. FYI, I have transferred music to the N200 using the space save thing they have that converts nice MP3's to 64K mwa files and the pops ect. are still there. Here is the response from the creative moderator: Hi Everyone, We'd like to take this opportunity...