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  1. wolfetan44 Review: V-MODA XS

    Hey, just thought I would post this here   REVIEW: V-MODA XS   By Arly Borges (DigitalFreak on here) & Ethan Wolf (Me)     A short while ago Arly approached Val Kolton, the CEO of V-MODA, in hopes of securing two review samples for himself and Ethan concerning his new headphone, the XS...
  2. wolfetan44

    Astell & Kern AKR01

    I'm starting a thread for these, as I see no other thread on these, and a small thread on the Final Audio Heaven IV(The AKR01 is based off this design.)    So, I tried these at CAS, and I asked Jimmy what Final Audio had to do with it. He said that importing the Final Audios were expensive...
  3. wolfetan44

    MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs

    This is on my phone so I'm not going to brief anything but here are my impressions on them. Comfort: super comfy, a little heavy. Isolation: fantastic Sound: Fake plastic trees- Thoms voice is detailed, and isn't in your face like the LCD-3, very nice. The violin sounds realistic, I love the...
  4. wolfetan44

    Looking for an amp/DAC

    I am looking for an amp/DAC and I have a budget of about, hmm. Lets just say.. $1000 would be a very nice budget, but I can definately go over, if worth it. At $1000 we have some good choices, like the WA7 and Lyr/Bifrost. But hey, go over by all means.    I'm looking for a amp/DAC that will...
  5. wolfetan44

    Headphone for my brother

    My brother is looking for headphones in the $50 range. They need to be comfy, and sound good with every genre out there. They need to be closed, and have good isolation, no IEM's. No amp. Something with a good bass bump, nothing huge though, not a basshead headphone. No used headphones, and very...
  6. wolfetan44


    Hey, so my Weller WLC-100(recommended by Steve Eddy) came in today, and I have 63/37 with activated flux solder. I am awaiting a plug I bought to fic my bro's headphones(the plug is acting strange.) So I was looking for maybe a video? Or some tips you guys could give me for a first time DIYer. ...
  7. wolfetan44

    Schiit Gio Anticipation Thread

    Whos pumped for their first portable amp!!? Also, typo its Glo, Head-Fi wont let me change..
  8. wolfetan44

    CIEM or IEM for me

    Looking for a CIEM or IEM, budget is up to $900. But I am NOT looking to spend that much, but if its worth it, I will definitely get them. I listen to a lot of folk(this one I only sometimes listen to, not too much, others I do listen to a lot), psychedelic rock and electronic, and alternative...
  9. wolfetan44

    Next upgrade in my chain?

    My system right now is an O2, ODAC, Mad Dogs, and a DT880/600. Next upgrade? Max budget is $1500. I am open to upgrading any part of the chain, amp, DAC, or headphone. My music preferences are indie rock, alternative rock, and folk. Some of my favorite artists are Animal Collective, Radiohead...
  10. wolfetan44

    Rega RP1

    Hey, does anyone know how to speed up the turntable so it can play 7 inch vinyl?
  11. wolfetan44

    Woo Audio WA3 or Schiit Valhalla?

    Which one? I'll be using it for every mid-fi can(up to Hifiman HE-500. Other then that, I won't be going any higher, any cans lower than that; apply them to helping me) I want the most tubey sound. TUBE TUBE TUBE! I have a ODAC for a DAC. 
  12. wolfetan44

    Portable Headphone

    Looking for a portable headphone or IEM. My bugdet will be $300. I listen mostly to alt. Rock and folk. Isolate well, and comfortable. Was thinking the Mad Dogs and I'll most likely go with those, I have a O2 to drive them.. Anyways, 1500th post!
  13. wolfetan44

    New Audio Gear Pictures

    Well, I wanted to start a thread where you can post newly opened audio gear. So here it is. Just in time for Christmas! I don't have anything to contribute yet, but I will have something to contribute in 8 days. If anybody has some newly opened gear, post 'em up! New CD/Vinyl is also welcome!
  14. wolfetan44

    V-Moda M80 or the Bowers & Wilkins P3?

    Trying to prove a point to my friend. I think the M80's will be better but she seems to like the P3 better. I'll show this to my friend, any help? Also, recommend any headphone if you think she would like it better. She doesn't need a bassy signature so shoot away.
  15. wolfetan44

    Any new good albums I should look into?

    So, I'm getting pretty bored with my music collection right now. Anybody got idea's on a good album that's just came out? I like all music except for rock(I like alt. rock like Radiohead and Animal Collective though.)
  16. wolfetan44

    Best speakers for $500?

    Titles says it all. Listen to all types of music. Also I will be getting a Music Hall 2.2LE turntable. Any others you would recommend for $500 or less?
  17. wolfetan44

    Goldring G1

    Where can I find one of these online?
  18. wolfetan44

    How to connect everything

    So I am getting a O2 and ODAC in the near future. They will be in separate cases so how will I connect everything to my PC?
  19. wolfetan44

    Cables for my setup

    Ok, so with my ODAC and O2 ( separate cases) how am I going to connect everything to my PC? With what cables?
  20. wolfetan44


    Do I need RCA with the ODAC for amps? Also where is the cheapest but best place to get ODAC's in the US?
  21. wolfetan44

    Graze - Animal Collective

    This song is masterful. Someone listen to it! Tell me how you like it!
  22. wolfetan44

    Need some help

    I am thinking about getting the Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm. I was going to get the Hifiman HE500 but since I would rather get a good pair of cans and a good Amp/DAC that will last awhile I am going to get a lower cost headphone and get a amp/DAC. So I am basically asking about which amp will pair...
  23. wolfetan44

    Need help

    So I was thinking about buying the O2 + ODAC combo for $250. But then I saw that if I was using a computer with this Is would need it to be USB. I this true? Also could I get a better amp and DAC for $250?
  24. wolfetan44

    Has anyone tried these yet?

    Has anyone tried the UE 900 yet? There a remake of the TF10's. Anyone? I would love to see some impressions on them.
  25. wolfetan44

    Difference between 24bit/94k and FLAC?

    What is the difference between them?