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  1. DjAmTraX

    Picture request, Sony MDR-XB300 ear pads. thinking of using XB300 on Grado RS1i.

    I hope someone here with XB300 can help post some pictures of how the ear pads come off and what it looks like on the back.  I was thinking of installing those pads on my Grado RS1i.  Thought?
  2. DjAmTraX

    Genuine Official Grado Headphones Carrying Case Unboxing Video.

    Had to get it from a seller in the UK because Grado won't sell it in the U.S.  I don't understand the reason.  Hope you like this unboxing video.  
  3. DjAmTraX

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 Limited Edition vs. standard M50 Video and my impressions on the M50.

    Just got this up on YouTube.  Hope you guys like my review of the M50 and this comparison to the Limited version.  
  4. DjAmTraX

    New! AKG K550 Unboxing Video

    Just got this up on YouTube. Hope you guys like it.   
  5. DjAmTraX

    Video: Sony MDR-V6 & MDR-7506 ear pad upgrade, compared to stock and how-to change.

      Since these are the most popular headphones for the past 20 years, thought I do a video on how to change or upgrade the ear pads to velour.  This is a How-to video and comparison between stock and Pearstone.  
  6. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-V700dj has been killed. Anyone else sad?

    My very first pair of dj headphones was the V700dj more than 10 years ago.  In fact I still have them and it's working like a champ. Mine was Made in Japan, but more recent ones are Made in Thailand like all Sony headphones.  I found that the headphones are durable and can be played loud with...
  7. DjAmTraX

    Your opinion on Grado SR325is vs. RS1i?

    Looking to add to my Grado collection. I currently own the RS1i and I love it. Is the SR325is a good?  I was thinking of SR80i, but the SR325is got me thinking.  Your thoughts?
  8. DjAmTraX

    New! Audioengine D1 DAC, Preamp, & Headphones amp Unboxing Video

    Just got this to use with my MacBook Air. Check it out. I'll post my impressions soon
  9. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Sennheiser HD-700 preorder head count.

    I like to know how many here preordered?  I placed my order yesterday with my headphones guy.  I hope to be one of the peeps to get the first production batch.  Please post here if you preordered or why you haven't.  
  10. DjAmTraX

    Is Sony killing the MDR-V6?

    It appears that the MDR-V6 is out of stock at A LOT of online retailers. Amazon don't have it either. I understand Sony Style still has some at full retail, but most retailers are out of stock. Is Sony killing it?  If so, are you sad about it?
  11. DjAmTraX

    Are Pioneer HDJ-2000 good for non-dance music?

    The HDJ-2000 is marketed towards Djs, but are they any good for general music listening? I love the way it looks so I am seeking a pair.    
  12. DjAmTraX

    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Headphone Amp Unboxing Video

    Just got this to see how it stacks up to my Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear.  I will update this thread with my impressions.  The amp should pair well with my M1 DAC-A.  Stay tuned.  
  13. DjAmTraX

    Grado RA1-AC version power rating question

    Does anyone know what's the power rating on the AC adaptor?  Is it AC to DC and how many volts?  A picture would be cool too.
  14. DjAmTraX

    Grado Reference Headphones RS1i Unboxing Video

      Just got these.  My very first Grado.  I love how they look.  Stay tuned for my impressions.  
  15. DjAmTraX

    My first Grado. Need advice on RS1i mod

    I ordered my very first Grado. Got the RS1i, but I was wondering about how the large cussions will fit and sound?  Your thoughts?    
  16. DjAmTraX

    Is this site for real?

    The deal is good.
  17. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Klipsch Reference One Unboxing Video & impressions to come.

    Just got this yesterday.  These are the newest headphones from Klipsch.  Stay tuned for my initial impressions.  
  18. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Klipsch Reference One Headphones arrived!

    Just got this in today.  I believe they just hit the streets.  Stay tuned for my unboxing video and impressions.      
  19. DjAmTraX

    the NEW! Musical Fidelity M1 DAC-A vs. V-DAC MK-II, my impressions.

    So some of you may know that I bought BOTH the V-DAC MK-II and the M1 DAC-A.  Both of these DACs are brand NEW with asynchronous US?B input.  Both up-samlples to 24/192k on all inputs.  The V-DAC MK-II is $349 & the M1 DAC-A is $749.  So is the M1 DAC-A worth that much more $$$?   I ran both...
  20. DjAmTraX

    Proud new owner of Audio-Technica ATH-W5000. Yay!!!

    Finally picked up a pair of ATH-W5000.  I am uploading my unboxing video to share with you guys.  Initial impressions are that it's gorgeous and very well made.  The sound is a bit slow for my taste.  Male vocals are very nice.  Fit is kinda wired, but not uncomfortable.  They feel light on my...
  21. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Focal Headphones.

    Just saw this on the web. I love Focal speakers so I hope their headphones are as good.     September 2011 - Focal adds a new item to its sound system: hi-fi headphones. The first model in...
  22. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Musical Fidelity V-DAC MK-II Unboxing Video

    Brand NEW!  Check out my unboxing.  Stay tuned for my impressions.  
  23. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Beyerdynamic T70 Tesla Technology Headphones Unboxing Video

    Just got this up on YouTube. Hope you guys like it. Initial impressions are very very good sound. Comfort is A+. More impressions to come.
  24. DjAmTraX

    Sennheiser HD-598 Unboxing Video. The Bentley of headphones.

    Just got these yesterday.  Thought you guys may be interested.  These look gorgeous in person.  Like a Bentley.    
  25. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Sony MDR-NC200D noise canceling headphones.

    Look at the new goodies from Sony!