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  1. coolshot

    how do I use subscriptions better?

    On all other forums, if I post or start a new thread, it gets marked as subscribed. If there is a new post after mine, its gets put back onto my recent list. If I want to go back, I can look at my entire history subscriptions by clicking view all subscriptions. Is this feature available without...
  2. coolshot

    where would you stop?

    its been about a year now since i joined head-fi. After 4 meets including the 2nd national meet, i can say i've most of it all. After evaluating preferences and price/performance, i can say that a $3,000-4,500 rig would have me happy and never look back.I love the exotic rigs but if i had to pay...
  3. coolshot

    got my new 2005 beyer dt770

    photobucket is down for maint but you can check em out at my blog over all im impressed with the sound for the these things. Especially since i had a long audition with a clan members dt770 stock 2003 model. The older the model was like 'wheres the bass' its was...
  4. coolshot

    lavry 2 channel performance for movies?

    i've heard the lavry for music multiple times at meets and i liked what i heard. Im considering this over a dedicated unversal player in the same price range. Anyone use their lavry da10 for dvds, a little LOTR or saving private ryan impressions would be great.
  5. coolshot

    k1000 owners club

    i think it would cool to set up a little registry of all the current k1000 owners on head-fi. This is a direct rip off of the other ones like the HF-1 registry. Lets see whose got the oldest and newest pair! ill start #04063
  6. coolshot

    Eddie current HD30 vs PPX extreme

    I've gotten a chance to listen to the prototype of HD-30 along side a production model Zana Deux. I like it so much i put my name on the list for the production run. Whats not to love, ZD sound for less than 1k? but now we got the ppx extreme coming in and that has peaked my interest. I dunno if...
  7. coolshot

    modded great march dac impressions

    just got my great march dac modded from pacific valve today from Kool Bubba Ice today. Been using it transported by my sony dvd player or my pc's spdif coax output on my motherboard. Sony dvp-nc85h > audiogon glass toslink>greatmarch> generic ICs>hybrid head> AD2000 A8N-premium...
  8. coolshot

    help me rebuild a setup

    right now i cant decide what the heck i want as a final 'DONE' home system. So right now i wanna go ahead and build a nice multimedia rig based off a PC/DVD player for both movies and music. Musically i want it to tailor to what i call 'club bangers' basically go into any trendy club with a lot...
  9. coolshot

    greatmarch vs constantine

    im looking for a dac in the 300$ range. Im primarily looking at the greatmarch at pacificvalve and the constantine. Anyone hear them both? Which has the most bass quality/quantity? which is the most dynamic and punchy with great details? Im also looking for blackness and great instrument...
  10. coolshot

    dacs and there usefullness

    i know this had been done before but i wanna put a spin on it. Im looking at NOS dacs that are non usb. I can see where dacs would go leaps and bounds over sound cards especially ones inside PCs with alot of stuff causing interference. Now, how about CD/dvd players? My cheap $150 dvd player...
  11. coolshot

    tips on gas grilling

    today i tried out our new propane grill that we got cheap from wal-mart for $150 i've only had limited experience with charcoal grills and this one im having trouble grilling with, especially cooking evenly over the seperate burners(has...
  12. coolshot

    music: art or entertainment

    i just got done looking at a few threads about music on various forums talking about music. Lots of music snobs and 'that sucks or this is overratted'. What do you consider music to be? Is it really an art were its appreciated on all levels and one of the highest forms of expression? Nowadays i...
  13. coolshot

    cheap acoustic guitar recommendations

    i was at costco today and saw a yamaha c40 for $94. I been looking to learn an instrument for awhile now and i think im ready for the plunge. Id like to get a cheap guitar for <$150 and get some lessons as well. Are there any good ones like ksc-75 around? Also please point me to a good place to...
  14. coolshot

    to MrSlacker: & everyone else

    hi how many forums are you on? i just noticed that your on insanetek. Are you on hardforums too? to everyone: how many forums are you on and how many posts do you have? i belong to 5 forums i think and have a few few hundred posts per forum.
  15. coolshot

    bass boost on ad2000s WoW

    so yeah i went back to my xfi sound card cus i got tired of switching around and stuff. I even got lazy from switching from my game mode to my highly eq'ed entainment mode/audio creation mode. If you read any of posts about ad2000s they produce clean tight base but not really slam. Well now its...
  16. coolshot

    any earbuds that can beat the koss family?

    basically can any earbud surpass them in details,bass qauntity/impact and have nice mids? will to sacrafice soundstage,instrument seperation, price.... um other stuff. Basically im looking for an earbud with better 'fun' qualities that ksc-75/sportapro/PP2 have. I think the most expesive earbud...
  17. coolshot

    headphones closest to what hobby?

    i was thinking that getting into head-fi is like getting into cars. Both easy to get into, but once you really get into it, its major $$$. Tons of choices out there, and there is no definative best. Simply spending the most money, although it helps, will not make the best setup. I guess you can...
  18. coolshot

    portable gear that rivals home gear

    yeah i was thinking about selling some home gear in favor of a nice portable rig. Would a 5gipod w/lineout,RnB IC,good portable supraaurreal cans like the es-7, and a top portable amp like a hornet or xin rival? would it beat out say a microstack and hd595 combo overall?
  19. coolshot

    can a x-fi elite keep up with high end gear?

    ATM im thinking bout saving up for either a w5000 or L3000 and MPX slam and nice ICs to go with it. I hear that the elite is the only one with upgraded opamps and DAC(s), but is it enough? Right now i think my rig is decent but im looking for something that will truely wow me enough so that i...
  20. coolshot

    arrrghhh so frustrating

    ok i just got my millet, (thanks sennfan), Im currently using them with ad2000/a900ltd on my main rig(pc), burning in my mini-RCA IC. The amp definately extends the range both ways as well as bring in some impact and details. Keisha cole never sounded so good. However the prob is not in the amp...
  21. coolshot

    anything better than the a900ltd for gaming?

    so yeah, was playing bf2 as commander. Since i wasnt doing much, we had everything under control, i started doing sound tests. Using my a900ltd and ad2000 i find that i enjoy gaming better on the ad2000. However, these are open and i need some isolation. So whats the next step for closed gaming...
  22. coolshot

    sportapro vs es-7 with an ipod mini

    right now i have an ipod mini using the headphone out and a cmoy. I plan to get a turbodock and turbo mini-mini. Will the es-7 be a noticable improvement on 192 vbr mp3s? or just a waste? On my main rig(PC) i use CDs and ad2000.
  23. coolshot

    my first victim

    somehow while i was cleaning the cord wrapped around my chair and it pulled it off. I got the warranty no biggie, but is it worth it? i wonder how much would it be including shipping, it prolly be the same amount for brand new ones.
  24. coolshot

    looking for a good 3ft mini to mini cable

    yeah im looking for a better cable for pc use. I like details and bass but i hate harsh highs and siblence. Im thinking of getting either single strand copper or stranded. I hear that silver can be really harsh so ill stay away from that. Im looking to spend under 50.
  25. coolshot

    pimeta or millet for low impedence cans?

    im looking for amp for my soon to be audio technica cans. Im looking for the best syngery to get what like out of my amp. Im looking for good detail without sacraficing bass. hd595 is great but a little more wouldnt hurt. I love koss ksc-75/sportapro bass but want more impact like my a500. I...