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  1. Napilopez

    GR07 vs. EX600 for a HJE900 lover?

    Hey guys! So I haven't been too active on the boards lately, but my wallets been feeling too heavy(yeah right) and needs some relief.   Basically, I've been pretty set on getting the GR07 once I could afford them, but then I read about the EX600, which has made me reconsider. They're...
  2. Napilopez

    $100-150 or less amplification for K701/K702? Cheap tube amp if I have my own tubes? Perhaps even DIY?

    Hey guys. Yes, I know that a gazillion people have asked about amplifying the K70X before, but I thought that with the apparent recent influx of new amps and my own unique situation it was worth starting a new thread for. I apologize in advance for sounding so noobish. So, I'm looking for...
  3. Napilopez

    Etymotic MC5 Early Impressions and Comparisons with Panasonic HJE900

    Hey guys, so I've had the Etymotic MC5 for almost 3 days now, and thought I should post some formal first impressions. First though, a few disclaimers: I've been on head-fi for almost a year now, but am still very much a noob in terms of experience. I have no amps, although the lab computer I do...
  4. Napilopez

    Monster Gel and Foam SuperTips kinda-sorta Review

      Hey guys. So as you may know, Monster recently held a program where a hundred lucky people could win a free sampler pack for their relatively new gel and foam "SuperTips". I was not one of those lucky people. Cursing my wretched fortune, I decided to go ahead and buy the Sampler Pack...
  5. Napilopez

    Panasonic CZs (HJE900) Appreciation Thread and Pending Review

    Sooo, seeing as they're getting more popular by the day, I thought these awesome little phones deserved their own appreciation thread by now. I'll update this with a review, possibly tomorrow, which I'm somewhat weary about as these are my first "real" IEM purchase, but man, am I satisfied...
  6. Napilopez

    A Noob's Review of the Sennheiser PX200-II

    Hey guys! So I had written a PX200-II pre-review of sorts on the full size forum, but I decided that should probably post it here, with updated impressions now that they're past the 150 hour mark. It's basically a big edit of my original review. These minicans deserve more recognition imo...
  7. Napilopez

    Here I go again: Thinksound Thunder, Rain, and Maximo iM590

    So I'm approaching the time to buy my first hifi IEM purchase finally, and I've totally shifted gears from the RE0s and Klipsch S4 being my top choices to these 3 contenders that are not only cheaper, but also less polarizing in sound quality, apparently. I listen to pretty much everything, so I...
  8. Napilopez

    RE0 vs. S4: Soundstage, Bass, Comfort, Gymability, and "Realism"?

    Hey guys, I've done tons of searching, and as I look to try IEMs now, these two seem to be my best bets with a max of 100. Any other suggestions are welcome of course, but I'm pretty set on one of these. At identical price points, it's hard to choose. The title pretty much says it all. I'll...
  9. Napilopez

    Please close

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  10. Napilopez

    Wow-factor foldable cans as a birthday present for a casual listener?

    Hey guys, so I'm looking to buy some fashionable, very portable headphones for a friend's birthday. Her bday isn't anytime soon, but I know what I want to get her headphones, especially after having her hear and come off very impressed with my PX200-IIs. I know, you may be asking yourself, why...
  11. Napilopez

    Sennheiser PX200-II Review (vs RX700)

    Hey guys, thought I'd share my thoughts on the Senn PX200-II that I bought a coupe of days ago, compare them to the RX700s I love, and i suppose I'll throw in a bit of the ATH-FC700A. They're not fully burned in yet, I'd say they're approaching 40 or 50 hours now, but they don't sound like...
  12. Napilopez

    OK OK, my LAST impressions request thread. PX200-II vs Creative Aurvana Lives?

    Soooo I just found out that the PX200-IIs can be had for 57 bucks, 2 bucks more than the Aurvana Lives that were my top contender. I've come to realize I'm just not willing to sacrifice sound quality for portability, and pretty much anything I can get will be more portable than my RX700s. I'm...
  13. Napilopez

    Dedicated headphone comparison and/or WTB subforums?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever thought about creating subforums for headphone comparisons or What-to-buy threads? It's not really something I gave so much thought to, but the idea came across as I was browsing the main headphone forum. There are just so many posts and threads, and a large...
  14. Napilopez

    Best unamped closed cans at different price ranges for listening to ALL genres

    Hey guys, so I'm really enjoying my budget phone RX700s, but-curse this place-I want more. Though I probably won't be buying anything anytime soon, I'm curious, especially if I can try it out at J&R. You can consider this an imaginary what-to-buy thread. I'd be looking for a neutral overall...
  15. Napilopez

    A noob's review of the JVC HA-RX700 and Audio Technica FC700s

    A Noob's Review Hey guys, just thought I'd contribute back to this community that helped me tons. In another thread I asked for advice as to which headphones to get my sis as an early Christmas present. My sister has had the ATH-FC700A s for a week now, and I've had the HA-RX700 s for a couple...