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  1. MacDEF

    iPod Battery: The Definitive Word

    This should answer most questions, and correct most misinformation:
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    If you got one of those Cambridge SoundWorks coupons...

    in the mail, they expire 12/24! I used mine this week. Most things are 15% off right now, and you can combine the coupon with the sale. I got an extra pair of SR-60's for $39
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    Canadians: Buy your portable player now...

    before the levies are implemented:
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    Best video of 2003...

    My vote goes to Hey Ya! by Outkast. I love the "Ed Sullivan Show" scene, and they did a great job in giving all the characters distinct personalities (even though they're all played by Andre) -- whenever I hear the song now, I "see" the character who sings each part
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    Windows iTunes sound quality tip

    Saw this on slashdot: Be sure to check out your settings in the QuickTime control panel. If the audio out is set to DirectSound, the audio quality will probably be a bit muddy. Change it to WaveOut and it should sound as good as WinAmp. When I changed it, I did hear a difference.
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    REMINDER: posting copyrighted material

    Over the past week, the mods have encountered quiet a few instances where members have posted entire articles from other sources. Posting an entire article, or even substantial portions of an article, without explicit permission is a copyright violation and puts Head-Fi at risk. If you see...
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    DVD-A Mini-Reviews: Contribute!

    This thread is intended to be a Head-Fi "library" of DVD-A commentary/reviews; a "buying guide," if you will. Now that more and more DVD-As are being released, we get a lot of threads asking which are good. Some albums are clear upgrades over their Redbook versions, but some aren't. Some have...
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    Suggestions for sending payments from Canada to U.S.

    To all the Canadians, besides PayPal, how do you generally send money to other Head-Fi'ers when you buy something from them? Do you have any suggestions for other Canadians in terms of getting money orders, cashier's checks, etc. for cheap? (I know some places charge $10 or so just to issue a...
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    CDDB Pet Peeves

    Anyone else get *really* annoyed at some of the half-brains who submit CD info? I'm in the process of ripping tracks from over 1000 CDs, and I'd say 8 out of every 10 times my ripping app queries the CDDB for CD info/track names, there's something wrong with the info. Here's my "bitch list" of...
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    Humor: Personal ads

    Here in the Bay Area, there's a web site called "Craig's List" -- it started out years ago as a small bulletin board to post stuff for sale, but has become a major for sale/wanted/personal ads site and has actually branched out to several other major cities. On the site is a "Best of" for...
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    MUSIC FORUM: Thread crapping not allowed!

    Welcome to the Music forum. The purpose of this forum is for Head-Fi'ers to discuss... well, music Ultimately, that's why we're here, right? The main rule of the music forum is to remember that everyone's music preferences are different. People are going to discuss stuff you love, and people...
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    META42 Blue Portable pix

    Just thought people might be interested in a few pictures. This is a KurtW-built META42 portable amp with the following specs (thanks, Kurt!): - AD8620 dual op amp - Cascode FET current sources to operate the opamp in Class A mode - 2 EL2001 buffers per channel - EL2001 buffer in power...
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    Computers and "digital rights" (NO platform wars)

    This URL leads to an interesting article about computer makers and "Digital Rights Management" It basically talks about how Intel, AMD, and Microsoft are caving to the entertainment industry, while Apple is declining to include the...
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    iPod amp too powerful?

    I just saw this story on the web; evidentally, the iPod has been temporarily taken off the market in France because it plays too loud
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    Tivoli PAL!

    For those who are big fans of the Tivoli Model One and Model Two (like me!), check out the new Tivoli PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory): It has the same tuner and killer tuning dial as the Model One/Two, but comes in a rubberized, weather-resistant...
  16. MacDEF

    Koss UR40

    My curiousity got the best of me, so I finally broke down and bought a pair of the Koss UR40 (via the web). The UR20 and UR30 are OK, but are very boomy and don't have a great tonal balance. The description of the UR40 makes them appear to be a closed headphone that uses drivers similar to the...
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    Another MiniDisc armband holder found

    Several Head-Fi members have mentioned that they've had trouble finding a good armband holder for their MD portables. MiniDisc Access just started selling what seems to be a very cool one for $15:
  18. MacDEF

    Cool tweak for PowerMac G4 owners

    If you have a G4 tower with a processor faster than 500 MHz, or a new flat-panel iMac, your Mac has a built in amplifier (I believe it's either 16W or 20W, depending on the model). Normally this amp can only be used to power the special Apple speakers, but with this adapter you can hook up any...
  19. MacDEF

    Source for AKG and Sony V6 in SF Bay Area found

    I found a source for AKG phones (some in stock, some available for order) and the Sony MDR-V6 in San Francisco: Audio Images off of Bryant in SOMA. The V6 are a bit more than over the net (around $90) but they're in stock. I'm pretty sure AI has a 30-day return policy, as well.
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    The "Under USD $50" Club

    I was reading an old review I did when I came across something I had written: Quote: Imagine if the Koss line were not available in the U.S. The sub-$50 headphone class would be a total wasteland (apart from the Sennheiser MX-400/500). Which got me to thinking... most consumers...
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    Philips 890 (and 910, kind of)

    As some of you know, Tuberoller sent me his Philips HP890 and 910 so that I could provide my impressions on the two headphones. I finally had a chance to give them both a good listen, and here are my thoughts. I apologize that this "review" isn't as thorough as some of my past reviews, but work...
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    Cardboard speakers...

    Quote: I HEAR VOICES: NXT in Cambridge, England, has introduced its first product: $45 stereo speakers that are made out of cardboard, designed for people who give parties and are afraid guests might ruin their more expensive loudspeakers. But that's not the company's ultimate dream...
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    WSJ on iPod vs. Rio Riot
  24. MacDEF

    Head-Fi post editor for Mac users

    For those of you visiting Head-Fi on a Mac, check out the freeware UBB Writer: It's a great little tool that makes composing and editing posts much easier than using the web-based editor.
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    MiniDisc wins the gold!!! ;)

    A story about Kelly Clark's gold medal run: She slipped on her minidisc headphones, put on a song by Blink 182 and dropped into the pipe for the final run. In less than two minutes, after spinning and twisting like a whirling dervish high on espresso and confidently sticking the...