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  1. Freazy

    Looking for a great DAC to match the Cavalli Liquid Fire

    Hey guys,so i need some good advice here so what better place than to ask the members at head-fi. So i will be receiving my Cavalli Liquid Fire in a short while so i will be looking for a great DAC to match the LF. As of now i'll have to use the DAC section of my Burson HA-160D, that's no...
  2. Freazy

    MK3 John Kenny S/PDIF to Burson HA-160D problem

    Hi there,just received my MK3 JKSPDIF unit connected to my Burson HA-160D with Audeze LCD-2 HP and wanted to listen to some music to try out the MK3. Im using this configuration with my HTPC with Windows 7 at the current moment. I installed the 20db attenuator on the MK3 with the little...