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    Main page with demo download links, Kickstarter campaign   You all seriously have to play the demo (Windows and OS X versions available), especially if you like JRPGs. Don't read any guides or anyone else's impressions first, just go into it blind and play it a few times over. It's best...
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    New Rise of the Triad title announced

      GameSpy: New Rise of the Triad Game Announced at QuakeCon   I almost thought it was a several-months-late April Fools joke at first, given the current FPS market.   But I really, REALLY hope this doesn't suck and captures what made the original so good.
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    Online Networking Thread (names for Steam/XBL/PSN, Nintendo friend codes, etc.)

    We need one of these as a sticky thread, just to make it easier for us to play games together!   I'll start with my own contact info. As more people share XBL gamertags/PSN IDs/Steam names/friend codes/etc., I'll update the index in this first post.   Note that people are indexed by their...
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    The Nameless Guide To PC Gaming Audio (with binaural headphone surround sound)

    I'm writing this guide because I find myself having to repeat a lot of the same points while advising people here and correct misguided advice from others, so I figure that I can clear up a lot of the misconceptions, misunderstandings, and general confusion regarding PC gaming audio. I was...
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    Where can I get replacement AD700 wing pad supports?

    One of the wings had the clips that hold it onto the spring-loaded arm break off. Now it kind of crudely hangs on and sometimes falls off, and the fit on that side is just a bit off.   Problem is, I don't know where to buy replacement wings...even Audio-Technica's own site doesn't seem to...
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    A friend of mine wants some portable, closed, isolating, full-size headphones. US$500, maybe $600.

    He decided on the Shure SRH940 in the end and has become quite impressed with them. More details below.   The topic pretty much sums it up. He thought about buying Beats, but this is where I can point him toward something better with your help. Unfortunately, I'm not too knowledgeable myself...
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    Earpads for vintage headphones?

    I've been lurking this place for a while, making use of the search function when needed. I've even bought myself a nice set of AD700s as a result, thankfully without too much hurt to the wallet. But I don't see much when it comes to vintage earpads in particular; seems that a lot of the...