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  1. blessingx

    JH3A Cables

    Ugh. Wrong forum. One of these years I'll learn.
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    iPad (or iPad 2) and 24-bit files

      If my memory serves, at one point it was pretty clear the iPad supported only files up to 16/48. Both in file load and USB digital out (w/camera kit). The iOS FLAC Player allowed 24/192 (they then backed specs to 24/96) load and playback, but was still hardware limited at digital output. ...
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    DA10 v. DA11 manual lock setting?

    As a previous DA10 owner, even if not 'correct,' I occasionally preferred the sound of 44.1 tracks when the DA10 was toggled to PLL wide lock mode (and upsampled elsewhere). Have looked at the DA11 in photos and read the user manual and confused if this manual mode setting is still available on...
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    Apogee Duet versus PS Audio Digital Link III?

    Now that the Digital Link III has dropped in price to $699, and as most Macs have both TOSLINK (to get around the DL3 USB bitrate restrictions) and Firewire (the Duets only option), these seem two great 24/96 choices. Obviously, the Duet gives you recording options, a headphone jack and is...
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    Ran Blake's "Driftwoods"

    Jazz, or even simply piano, fans might be interested in this Kevin Whitehead audio review of Ran Blakes newest: Ran Blake: Ghosts In The Piano : NPR Music. I ordered immediately.
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    Last Day Dream

    Last Day Dream
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    Apogee Discontinues Windows Development

    Although there are lots of Windows only manufacturers which no one seems bothered by, it's always a shame when a company drops/doesn't support an OS. Apogee Discontinues Windows Development
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    Cheap USB to optical besides TBAAM?

    Any other cheap USB to toslink adapters I should consider besides Turtle Beach? Would love to keep below $50 if possible (unless feature warrants up to $100). Thanks.
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    If Head-Fi runs political ads can we discuss politics?

    I know HF probably has no control over Google ad serving, but since the site has opened itself up to that lack of control and now running repeated Prop. 8 (California Repeal of Right of Marriage) ads at the moment (for some, likely geographically), do we have the blessing of the moderators to...
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    M-Audio Studiophile BX5a versus BX5a Deluxe?

    Has anyone heard these side-by-side? With the older non-deluxe selling for substantially less ($150 v. $280 and up), curious if it is worth the difference? Driver size and W output appear same.
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    iTunes users iVolume on sale over at MUPromo

    For those interested in Replay Gaining their tracks, there is no easier way than iVolume if you use iTunes. On sale for a few more hours... MacUpdate Promo - Big discounts on Mac software every day. (discount may apply to both OS X and Windows, but I'm not sure).
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    John Lennon or his friend Harry Nilsson?

    Let me get on this poll craze. Who is more enjoyable?
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    Randy Newman's Harps and Angels concert online

    For those wanting to hear Randy Newman in concert or simply sample the new album Harps and Angels, the whole thing is up on NPR at All Concerts Considered. Recorded July 23rd at the Largo in Los Angeles in front of 200 people. Click 'Hear the Concert' on the below page. Randy Newman Plays...
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    Last day for free Macworld SF 2009 expo tickets

    For those interested and going to be near Northern California... Free exhibits-only pass for Macworld SF 2009 -
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    Advantages of cue sheets over gapless track files?

    Could someone explain to me the advantages of using cue sheets/album files over gapless track files with lossless files? I see gapless file playback in more players than cue sheet support, so curious what the counter-balancing advantage(s) is/are?
  16. blessingx

    Sales alert: 4G 20GB iPod for $73

    In case anyone has a need for an older iPod, I don't believe I've ever seen one this cheap. Refurbed, but could be good for the brother/sister/niece/nephew/etc. Apple iPod 20GB MP3 Player -
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    New dual-driver Apple buds

    See here. Not the best photo: Can't expect much, but I guess dual-driver is going mainstream.
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    RudiStor NX02 v. NX02 Sistema Amps

    Are they the same? If not, anyone know the part differences between these two? Marketing difference? See they're on sale and considering for a work rig.
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    AT A900s on sale for $169

    In case anyone here is interested... Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headphones -
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    Best Randy Newman Album

    Interrupting the Best Radiohead CD polls for a second, as a previous thread indicated, I've been in a Randy Newman mood for weeks now. And that even increased around this holiday weekend with all the songs on America (Sail Away, Political Science, etc.). So I wanted to see which others favorite...
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    Aeolus magiDAC: New $300 DAC

    Came across this on another forum and thought some of you may be interested too. Through July 1st there is an intro price on the Aeolus magiDAC - $255. I've ordered one (with clock upgrade), but it's unlikely it will be received and impressions posted before the sale is off. Course there's that...
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    Love, Death, and Country Music

    Country, like Rap, gets short thrift on this forum, usually because of ignorance of the genres best, but there are fans here and I thought some of you might find this book and review interesting. Dana Jennings' Sing Me Back Home: Love, Death, and Country Music [Washington Post]
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    3G iPhone Thread

    Well, we're a few hours away. iPhone sales off stopped almost a month ago. It's about the one year anniversary of the first gen. Does anyone doubt an update is coming today? We'll see if 3G speeds (hopefully as everyone is already calling it the 3G iPhone ), GPS, front camera/iChat...
  24. blessingx

    Alien Video to be Revealed Tomorrow

    Read all about it here and here. Anyone remotely hopeful?
  25. blessingx

    Which Randy Newman CDs?

    I've been listening to The Randy Newman Songbook Vol. 1 a lot lately. I wondered which other albums of his you'd recommend?