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  1. djvkool

    Fidue A71 Dual Dynamic - Impressions Thread

    Something got delivered by DHL to my work today...   "10mm Exclusive Woofer & 6.8mm Titanium Dynamic Drivers"   More soon...       
  2. djvkool

    Audiofly AF140 Triple Hybrid - AUSTRALIAN Tour Thread and Impressions

    Audiofly is a company that need no introduction, especially for us Australians. Based in Balcatta, Western Australia, these guys made a lot of noises last year with their range of IEM's, AF78 dual hybrid being the top of the range.   I have been fortunate to be able to obtain a review copy of...
  3. djvkool

    Dunu DN-900 - Dunu's Dual Hybrid IEM - Appreciation Thread

    Here we go, can the little brother be as awesome as the older brother?   It's on its way to me and a few members too I believe, impression in about a week, and full review in about 2 weeks time.   There is no doubt, that this dual-hybrid will be introduced to the market with a great...
  4. djvkool

    Dunu DN-1000 - Dunu's hybrid IEM - Impressions thread

    OK, I just pulled the plug on this baby, first reason was because somehow I've a good feeling about this, kinda the same feeling I had before I plunged to VSonic VC-1000 (which turned out to be superbly excellent), and the second reason was because I kinda owe it to Rocky, he picked me as one of...
  5. djvkool

    [REVIEW] VSONIC VC1000 Dual Armature IEM - Putting the 'fun' in funtastico

      INTRODUCTION   With all the massive hype around VSONIC's new flagship V7007 (used to be known as GR08), you could be forgiven to not seeing this coming. In fact, if it wasn't for Putente who started the info thread, not many people would have known about this. I took the plunge to be...
  6. djvkool

    Speakers advise needed for SONOS Connect:Amp

    Hi guys   I need some advise please on speakers, I need 2 pair for my house, both are to be connected to SONOS Connect:Amp.   One paid will be for indoor, and one pair will be for outdoor   Thank you
  7. djvkool

    Earphone Solutions

    Hi guys   First of all, sorry to start a new thread if there is one out there...   I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to these guys, I live in Perth, Western Australia, and I ordered W3 last Friday, and I have just received it today, 3 days from US to Australia, amazing   Absolutely...