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  1. GL1TCH3D

    Quick Survey Request For School!

    I'm doing a short presentation in my business communications class and the topic choice was really broad (well... completely open) I decided to just present my thoughts on the differences between celebrity and audiophile headphones. But I'd like to get some real data from other audiophiles! I...
  2. GL1TCH3D

    Montreal SSI get together

    I'd like to organize a small meet for SSI this year. I'd like to propose that we meet up, tour the areas, have a little bite together and talk about all the setups and such. Anyway, just a thought since I'll be going again this year.
  3. GL1TCH3D

    IC: Montreal, Quebec Meet!!!

    We had one last year and I thought it was very interesting and fun. This is a thread checking any interest in a Head-Fi meet in Montreal. Date is set for the 24th of august! Post away! Last year's meet:
  4. GL1TCH3D

    Beyerdynamic announces the DT 501 p! New portable on-ear!

    This is taken from the Beyerdynamic website: A Modern Classic - The Mobil Headphone DTX 501 p 21. June 2012 A Modern Classic Exceptional Sound with a Timeless Look: The DTX 501 p from beyerdynamic is a Mobile Headphone That Never Goes Out of Style Heilbronn, June 2012: Mobile headphones are...
  5. GL1TCH3D

    Leather protection on headphones?

    I was just thinking... When my T5ps came in, the pads were moist and hydrated and very soft. Now after over a month, the pads are more dry and not as soft. I was wondering if using a leather treatment or other type of leather care is good for the pads...
  6. GL1TCH3D

    Nervous about big purchase. Need experienced people (T5p vs ED8 and website help)

    I was almost sure I was going to buy the Ultrasone Edition 8s today as I was saving up for them for a while, sold my old headphones for them and talked to some stores about getting a cheaper quote. I found an authorized seller for 1050$ from the US which included shipping to my place here in...
  7. GL1TCH3D

    Flooded by choices, need some guidance.

    I've been looking at headphones and asking a few people here and there their thoughts and I'm still not sure on a specific model. I currently have the B&W P5 which I'll continue to use for portable use but I'm looking for a nice headphone I can use on the train, at the library and at home...
  8. GL1TCH3D

    Beyer T70 or T70p

    Hi Head-Fi, I'm very interested in the Beyerdynamic T70 and T70p but I'm not sure which ones to choose... I have an iPhone 4 that I'll be using to drive it with the possibility of a portable amp in the future (but not anytime soon). I'll be using them at home and occasionally on the go (train...
  9. GL1TCH3D

    Looking to buy new portable

    I'm looking for a new relatively portable headphone. Uses: Home and outside use (walking, car, bus). Music: I listen mainly to rock, alternative and techno with occasional classical, metal and punk. I don't listen to jazz. Equipment: I'm going to be rockboxing an iPod fat to use for music. I...
  10. GL1TCH3D

    Decisions decisions. What to get?

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones. I'm leaning more towards the ATH-A900s because of the great reviews I've read about them, but is there a pair of cans I overlooked? My price range is <250$ CDN.   All help is appreciated =3   EDIT: I prefer closed ear designs for noisy places.