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  1. Tapiozona

    D2000 complete rebuild, custom everything

    I've had my D2000's for about a decade now and at this point they've completely fallen apart. It started with the attachment point for the cups and the headband which was a known and common problem with all of the denon cans in this line. From there the leather pads and the headband completely...
  2. Tapiozona

    Dumb cable plug question

    I modified my Denon D2000's to have detachable 3.5mm jacks and want to recable a D5000 cable to plug into them. I bought a cheap Amazon cable that works fine to hold me over and a set of 3.5mm TS (mono) plugs to solder into the D5000 cables. My question is..did I buy the wrong plugs? I...
  3. Tapiozona

    Cable mod help, what to search for

    Nevermind, found em with 3.5mm on both ends. That works
  4. Tapiozona

    Audeze Mobius review / impressions

    I got my headphones a couple days ago and tested it for the first time yesterday. There is clearly a pronounced 'hiss' noise, particularly noticable in 3D mode. @Audeze, is this normal or is there a chance I have a unit which wasn't fixed or could require warranty? I don't mind if it does...
  5. Tapiozona

    The Canon Thread

    50mm 1.8, iso 400 My favorite model.
  6. Tapiozona

    greatest rock screamer?

    I can't believe not a single person has said Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. He's in a completely different league when it comes to rock 'screamers'
  7. Tapiozona

    Wrong Forum

    Wrong forum
  8. Tapiozona

    Must decide quick!

    Why do you need to decide quickly? Is your family being held hostage and they're threatening harm to them giving you little time to decide?
  9. Tapiozona

    DT770 vs. D2000 which to keep?

    Ya, I really have no idea how we can answer this question for you. Since you own both headphones it's 100% your opinion as to which sounds better. I had the D2000's and the 770s (80 though), and to me the Denon's were in a complete different league than the Beyers. Even with ample burn-in I...
  10. Tapiozona

    D2000 Earcup fell

    I remember reading about people's earcups falling off their Denon D2000 and D5000's and mine finally did. I still have all the pieces and it's really easy to fix but the problem I'm having is finding the right tool for the job. The little nut which holes the earcup onto the band countersinks...
  11. Tapiozona

    Most Sensual Songs or Music Ever?

    Michael Buble - Home YouTube - Home - Michael Bublé - Guy Arneson Dave Matthews - Crash YouTube - Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me You'd be hardpressed to find any woman on the planet who didnt like those two songs.
  12. Tapiozona

    EMU 0404 and 0202 Compared

    About 10 seconds ago i tripped on my powercord for the laptop and ripped it out of the wall (it was plugged into the same outlet as the amp) and viola. Silence. no more feedback, no more background interference. I did a few tests and it seems you're right. Doesnt matter where I have the laptop...
  13. Tapiozona

    EMU 0404 and 0202 Compared

    My Laptop is relatively new. Its nothing over the top specs wise but i'd say a year old. I tried the HP out on the EMU while plugged into the laptop and it's silent. So it would seem the amp is the problem then? Problem is that when the amp is plugged into my zune and my work computer it's...
  14. Tapiozona

    FLAC...Better Quality or More Flaws?

    Right now I'm going to blame it on the files I downloaded. I dont know who did them and how well they were done so they seem like the most obvious reason for the hiss. Tonight I ripped some of my own cd's and will bring them to work tomorrrow to test and see if the problem still persists...
  15. Tapiozona

    FLAC...Better Quality or More Flaws?

    I wont lie...I downloaded the first couple songs I've listened to in FLAC. I have multiple songs and they all seem to have the same problem. . I think I can maybe hear the hiss on some of the lower version rips but its much more amplified with the FLAC. When I have the track paused or stopped...
  16. Tapiozona

    FLAC...Better Quality or More Flaws?

    After spending most of my money on headphones and amps, I finally dove in and bout myself a USB DAC. Granted I didn't go all out and bought an entry level model, I figured it would be a vast improvement over my built in laptop sound device. I also figured that since I was going to upgrade to...
  17. Tapiozona

    EMU 0404 and 0202 Compared

    Could someone help me with my EMU 0202. I bought it used from a seller here so I don't have any of the software that came bundled with it. I did install all the web setup they offer from the creative website and now I do have the EMU control panel window. I'm pretty sure I've disabled my...
  18. Tapiozona

    Little Dot I+

    A whole lot of people here use it solely as a usb DAC. Performs very very well for its price range. I just bought a 0202 yesterday and will be using it for that purpose only. Retail for the Fubar II is $137 I believe. When I was hunting I didn't have much luck finding it any cheaper other...
  19. Tapiozona

    Little Dot I+

    I thought I read something about David taking a small vacation from selling the Little Dot amps during the Chinese new years. I've never seen him not have an auction for LD I+'s on ebay except during the past week/two. I've never seen a Fubar DAC that wasn't a Fubar II or III...there has to...
  20. Tapiozona

    senneheiser HD555 vs denon/creative what else ??

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong and there's a good chance that I am but I thought I read on this forum that the D1001's and the Creative Aura LIve's were the same headphone, just in a different housing? If not that headphone then it was another one. Either way if thats the case then you wont...
  21. Tapiozona

    Fubar usb DAC

    Uhh, something is wrong with my computer or the forum. Sorry for the repeat posts. Does anyone have any experience with a Fubar usb dac? A search didn't reveal any results so figured I'd post.
  22. Tapiozona

    Fubar usb DAC

    Anyone had any experience with these? A search didn't return a single result so I'm guessing it's blah at best. Google searches reveal a ton of results and seemingly positive ones.
  23. Tapiozona

    Fubar DAC

    Anyone had any experience with these? A search didn't return a single result so I'm guessing it's blah at best. Google searches reveal a ton of results and seemingly positive ones.
  24. Tapiozona

    recomendations for "americana" ?

    Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Some of you may recognize them as the Refreshments from about a decade ago. Real Americana with a southwestern/Mexican flare and some of the greatest lyrics I've ever heard. Here's one of my favorite songs. I love their current stuff as it's more mature than...