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  1. MatthewK

    Amusing craigslist ad for vacuum tubes

    · Look here: 7591 vaccum tubes in original boxes Found via reddit.
  2. MatthewK

    Ear wax?

    I wonder how much better this person could hear afterward? Ear Wax Extreme Close-up - Video Yuck.
  3. MatthewK

    E-mu 0404 USB *WHITE* Limited Edition

    Sorry if someone else already mentioned this, I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. Multimedia Production Forums • View topic - E-MU Introduces New White 0404 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface There doesn't appear to be any hardware changes other than the color. They...
  4. MatthewK

    Most "holophonic" 3D sounding tubes for my MKIVse?

    I've had my MK IV SE for about a week now. It came with CV4010 tubes which I found very neutral sounding, very SS like, which isn't exactly what I was looking for, so I bought some Russian 6Zh1P-EV tubes. BIG difference, I definitely like them better, but of course the upgraditis bug strikes...
  5. MatthewK

    Am I the only one who hates all these bright LED lights??

    EVERYTHING has bright LED lights now. My computer, monitor, keyboard, cable modem, router, E-mu 0404 USB has a ton, Aphex 204, heck even the power strips. Those blue LEDs are the worst, they are always super bright. Then you've got the blinkers, like the ones in routers. I've got those pesky...
  6. MatthewK

    Tubes with the most bass?

    My LD MK IV SE is in the mail, and it will be my first tube-amp. It's supposed to come with 6H30Pi Gold Pin power tubes and M8100 driver tubes. I also have some 6Zh1P-EV tubes coming in the mail from the Ukraine which will probably arrive a bit later. What driver tubes can you recommend for...
  7. MatthewK

    Please help me with a sold item dispute

    I could use some help, any constructive advice is appreciated. I've sold lots of stuff over the 'net, including things here, eBay, and some photography forums. I've never had any problems before. So here's the deal, I sold something which was working fine before I shipped it. The buyer...
  8. MatthewK

    Good Tube Amp for Denon D2000/D5000?

    I'm seriously considering a tube amp, but I'm having a difficult time finding one that can properly drive a 25 ohm headphone (D2000/D5000). Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. MatthewK

    Desktop Amp for Denon D2000

    The impedance for these 'phones is 24 ohms, and the input rating is 1,800mW. The source will be the E-mu 0404 USB's balanced line out. Can anyone recommend a good desktop (non-portable) amp for under $300? Thanks in advance.
  10. MatthewK

    Looking for non-portable DAC/Amp

    The Zero looks interesting. I wish it had two mono/single DIP sockets though instead of using dual-channel chips. Are there any alternatives that are under $250? It's fine if it doesn't have USB, as long as it has SPDIF inputs. In fact, I might even prefer that over USB. Another requirement...
  11. MatthewK

    OPAMP with the most bass impact?

    What 8-DIP opamp (single channel) has the most bass impact in your opinion? Thus far, I've tried the OPA134A, OPA627AP, LME49710NA, and the AD8610. I would have to say the AD8610 seems to have the most bass impact of those listed. I also like it's lively sound. So I'm wondering if there's...
  12. MatthewK

    Was this funny?

    Read the first post, then look for my post (MatthewK). Was it funny? Black iPod Shows Up As White iPod in iTunes - iPod - iPhone - iTunes Forums at iLounge
  13. MatthewK

    What determines impedance in an amp?

    I ask because the manual for my PD XM5 portable amp says it supports headphones with an impedance rating of 24 to 600 ohms. Do the opamps determine the headphone impedance it supports? Thanks.
  14. MatthewK

    How similar is the C700/C751 to the D2000/D5000?

    I absolutely love the Denon D2000 headphones. So I'm wondering, how similar in sound are the C700/C751 earphones? Obviously the D2000 is much better, but how similar is the sound signature? Somewhat similar?
  15. MatthewK

    BUF634P plus AD8397

    The AD8397 has a buffer built-in to it. So what would happen if a BUF634P was added? Theories?
  16. MatthewK

    MiniBox-E+ ...or... iBasso P2

    MiniBox-E+ or iBasso P2 Which one is better? Why? I'm narrowing it to these two because they both have a bass boost option, and I've read good things about their sound quality, but I'm still open to other portable amps with bass boost.
  17. MatthewK

    (Nevermind, answered my own question.)

    I didn't see earlier that says: "To US 50 states: USPS First Class Mail Parcel with tracking (2-5days)" Oops. Quote: Are there any online stores in the USA I can buy the MiniBox-E+ through? Thanks!
  18. MatthewK

    Denon D2000 Review!¡ :)

    Here's the first part of my Denon D2000 mini-review, keep in mind these are just first impressions. After I've tested them more thoroughly I'll edit this post (so come back later for updates). I don't have any kind of amp at the moment, but I do plan on getting one in the future. Sources will be...