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  1. Codefox

    Good deal on W40!

    I was passing through ATL today and I usually just check and see if there's any deals going at InMotion. I guess with the new revisions of the W series coming out now, they're clearing their old stock so I picked up a pair of W40s for $195. I used to have a pair of W3s (that I picked up...
  2. Codefox

    IEMs for Small Ears

    Just looking for some thoughts on this.  My fiancee has pretty small ears and I'd like to get her a new pair of IEMs for when we're traveling.  I had given her my Shure 215s but they're too big for her.  They push uncomfortably on her ears.  I'm thinking something that isn't as low profile might...
  3. Codefox

    e17/s4 vs x3

    So I was all set to get the X3 but I recently got the Galaxy s4. What would be a better solution between the x3 and getting the e17? All money goes to FiiO 8)
  4. Codefox

    Worth stepping up?

    I recently purchased a pair of Westone 3 IEMs and I'm very satisfied with my earphones right now.  My source is currently a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 using PlayerPro as the player on the device.  Since the SGP 4.2 has a Wolfson DAC, I was hoping it would be rooted and modded to use VooDoo but...
  5. Codefox

    New Westone Models?

    Maybe I didn't see this but are there new Westone models coming?  I ask because I saw that the In Motion store had the W2s on clearance for $99 tonight at CLT.  Aside from being an insanely good price the clerk mentioned they were clearing room for new models and that the W3s and W4s had sold...
  6. Codefox

    Making a change....

    I love my Shure SE215s.  What I don't love is that, for a 2nd time, one of the drivers has gone out.  No warning this time either.  I have a pair of Monster Turbines at home and honestly they sound so similar that I may, for right now, start traveling with the MTs.  I'm on the road a lot and now...