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  1. RIQUE

    Hiby Music and MP4 files

    I have music in MP4 format on my micro sd card. My xperia Z1compact MUSIC app will read all files. However Hiby will not even though I carry out a scan. What can I do?
  2. RIQUE

    Hard Disk Server Player Ripper DAC Downloader

    I have seen the new gear from NAIM HDX. This unit will rip your cds´s make perfect copies. They are then stored in a Hard disc and then you can play them through their built in DAC.   I wonder if anybody knows of other brands and alternatives to NAIM. I also want to download high quality digital...
  3. RIQUE

    Playing FLAC files on android phones

    I just purchased a Xperia Acro S phone and was wondering if I can play Flac files on it provided I use a player app that handles them. Is this possible or do I need a dedicated Flac player?