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  1. chadbang

    Need suggestions for shipping speakers to Hong Kong

    I have to ship some small, but 25 lbs (total) speakers to Hong Kong from California. Does anyone have any tips for getting them there safely and signed for by the purchaser? Any recommendations for a good service to use or experience with a service to recommend them? Thanks for your help!
  2. chadbang

    You wanna know how old school I am?

    I just rolled the caps in my Headroom Total Airhead. Don't know if the Elna Silmic II will be an improvement over the Sprague Oscons or not, but "different" should keep me interested for awhile!  
  3. chadbang

    How much of an improvement is a JDS Labs C421 over a CMOYBB?

    I bought some new momentums and I'm trying to decide if it's time to upgrade my belove JDS Labs CMOYBB to their C421 amp. I love the smoothness of the CMOYBB and the fullness of the midrange and bass. I like a nice warm fat sound. Will I be losing some of the warmth of the CMOYBB by moving to a...
  4. chadbang

    Amazon giving away FREE download of the newly remaster 40th Anniversary Ziggy Stardust!

    Sweet! Something classic for free. This is a great remaster by the original engineer who recorded Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. It's a 256K MP3, but even still, it's free from Amazon!  ...
  5. chadbang

    Finished my Steampunk iPod dock

      So the trend these days it to build turn-of-the-century industrial-looking designs into cases for electronics equipment, jewelry or whatever. It's know as the "Steampunk" look. I always like that stuff, very Captain Nemo and the Nautilus looking. I also like to browser flea markets and...
  6. chadbang

    Trouble shooting help: The right channel in my Millett Hybrid Maxed died

    Today I went to turn on my Millett and the right channel was out. I did all the "idiot tests" (cable, tube swapping) and then opened it up. I only know how to measure a few things: The tube bias and the bias for the BJTs. The left channel reads normally. The right channel tube bias reads .4 or...
  7. chadbang

    Has anyone added a crossfeed circuit to a Millett Hybrid Max?

    I love my little millett, but I miss crossfeed. As anyone here installed crossfeed on they hybrib max? Maybe you could share a learning exprience for the most successful build?
  8. chadbang

    Bass tweaks for the marvelous Millett Hybrid Max?

    So I spent a full day playing with my Millet Hybrid Max (er, work?) and I've found what was bothering me were tubes that weren't a good match for my Senn HD650s and the amp. They were some unknown brand with a really harsh midrange and a lackluster presentation. Putting in a nice set of RCA...
  9. chadbang

    Millet hybrid maxed experts - is this a correct build?

      I thought this might be the better place for this thread   Hi, I just purchased this amp from another member, but, unfortunately, I'm not a Millet expert (nor was the other member). Can Millet Hybrid experts tell me anything about this amp? I know it seems to be a "maxed" version, but...
  10. chadbang

    Millet Hybrid experts - HELP - what did I buy?

    Hi, I just purchased this amp from another member, but, unfortunately, I'm not a Millet expert (nor was the other member). Can Millet Hybrid experts tell me anything about this amp? I know it seems to be a "maxed" version, but that's all. The sound is okay, but nothing special through my Senn...
  11. chadbang

    An AKG (K141, I think) fan is born!

    Today I was prowling around a thrift store a spotted a set of AKG 141 headphones for sale ($12). I couldn't tell what model they were because the silver badges on the side were missing, but I later figured out the were model 141 - vintage from the 70s, I guess.  They need a lot of juice to get...
  12. chadbang

    A nice PCDP for old timers and new timers to be on the lookout for Sony D-421SP

    I can't help myself when I spy a vintage PCDP in mint shape at a thrift shop, even though I scarely use them anymore. But I saw this Sony D-412SP (sports model) laying on a shelf of junk and grabbed it for $4. I must say, I love this player. It was made in 1993 and, man, talk about powerful...
  13. chadbang

    Can someone tell me the value of this resistor (pic)

    I'm color blind and can't read these frigging things    
  14. chadbang

    Help a dad: Which Playstation 3 Model doesn't have glitches?

    Hi, I keep reading about yellow lights of death and whatnot, does anyone know if Sony has ironed out all its glitches in the playstation consoles by now? What model should I look for that won't be in the repair shop too soon? Slim, regular, which one is good? Thanks!
  15. chadbang

    Help! Electronics math question

    Here is my question. I have no idea how to arrive at an answer. This is what I get for being an English major. Here goes:   I'm trying to figure out how much current in milliamps is going through my speaker wire.     If I am playing my amplifer at 1 watt into an 8 ohm speaker how many...
  16. chadbang

    Anyone have an Optimus 3400 PCD I can borrow for a shootout?

    I know it's asking a lot since the old Optimus 3400 is considered a special player and is precious. But I was wondering if anyone isn't so Golem-like attached to their "precious" that they would consider letting me borrow one for a shootout against a Radio Shack Optimus 3450 portable cd player...
  17. chadbang

    where be the classifieds?

    Seems like many lost!
  18. chadbang

    Are "backward compatible" Playstation 3s worthwhile to hunt down

    My son has about 60 PS2 games and we're thinking about getting a PS3. I sure hate to trash all those PS2 games and I don't want to run two units. My question is: If I pay the premium for a backward compatible PS3, would I be missing out on any feature/performance that is offered with newer...
  19. chadbang

    Well, here's a nice punch in the face...

    A Mexican wrestler gets a little mad about a fan grabbing his mask.     To me, the funny thing is watch the woman and her little boy behind them when it plays in slow motion. She thinks its hilarious...
  20. chadbang

    Google background images.....

    I'm I correct in seeing that google now has these background images on its main search page? I keep loading it that way, and it's annoying me. Anyone found where they offer the classic, white homepage? Call me a purist, but I always liked Google for being absolute clean and simple!
  21. chadbang

    Anyone have experience with the different Rega "Planet" players

    I am in the market for a new used CD player, and I was wondering how the various incarnations of this classic player stack up against each other. I know there has been the "Planet" "Planet 2000" and "Jupiter" (was there a "Saturn,"? I forget). I'd like to score one used for around $400, so...
  22. chadbang

    Little kids perform "Scarface" as a play

    Real or fake, this is a bit disturbing! YouTube - Scarface School Play could someone embed this video, I have no idea how.
  23. chadbang

    I'm bored of 3D: How to train your dragon

    Took the kids to go see the new Dreamworks film "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D - paying the prerequiste premium 3D price. I think this is about the sixth 3D film I've seen in the last 2 years. That includes "Bolt," "Monsters Vs Aliens" "Up!" "Journey to the Center of the Earth" "Avatar" and...
  24. chadbang

    Batman #1 sells for more than Superman ($1M), my question: What would you invest in?

    BBC News - Comic showing Batman's debut sells for $1m Just wondering what comic people would invest in to put away for 60 years?
  25. chadbang

    Happy Birthday to, well, a heck of alot of people

    Must be a default date, but just in case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: DavidAdrian, Ruach, phatalleycat, zachary80, tuba_transport, Tom L, Acepro, Computerstud, tamahome77, DjSchock, Paul S., seals, vvvvvv (107), Baba (103), name name (102), allhope (102), eldiosateo (102), sainttoad (101), techn9nebc...