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  1. mrcheese321

    Replacement Foamies

    Hey, Does anyone know a place in Hong Kong where I can get replacement foamies for my e4s? Mine are getting gross and I didn't get the replacements I ordered from Ety before I left. I use my phones a lot and won't be back in the States until January, so I need to find a place either here or...
  2. mrcheese321

    List of PIMETA Makers?

    I'm looking for a list of people who do custom PIMETAs I want to get some estimates on one. TIA
  3. mrcheese321

    What would you buy?!?

    I'm spending next semester in China for a study abroad program and will be traveling a lot before I go there (mostly mainland China). I wanted to get some type of closed headphones for the trip. I was thinking some In-the-ears, but maybe some regular ones. Ambient noise canceling is one of the...