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  1. coolshot

    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    ultimately, I love the 24-70 and 14-24, the nikon counterparts are better. I just don't have the money right now for both of those, along with a d700. Hell, I think 17-55 would be great too. I just happen to pick up the 16-85 because it came with the body for only 1829 from B&H. So I have an...
  2. coolshot

    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    Dj mocok has a running joke of posting really bad shots in this thread. Look back on all his picture posts and you will see what I mean. However, if you check his gallery, he has some nice shots. Its real night and day.
  3. coolshot

    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    Quote: Originally Posted by lan I'm not sure why you can't take photos with what you already have. Go into full manual and you won't have any problems. I shoot full manual already. I take decent shots with what I have right now. My main complaints right now are ISO performance...
  4. coolshot

    The Canon Thread

    looks like peter has 'L' fever. Also i think its unfair to compare a $400 sigma lens to $1200 'L' canon lens
  5. coolshot

    The Canon Thread

    nope its a 725B head/tripod combo. I plan on getting a BH-1 and Gitzo combo later down the line.
  6. coolshot

    how do I use subscriptions better?

    Hmm let me try going back to settings. It seems default on the forums goes to do not subscribe. *edit: got it to work! I set it to no email notification. thanks
  7. coolshot

    Warmest DAC ?

    the lite audio dac 60 is a tube dac. Have you tried rolling tubes?
  8. coolshot

    Good Tube Amp for Denon D2000/D5000?

    the singlepower website hasn't been updated in years. There was a 'press release' of sort in the mall-fi section. However i think we lost it when head-fi crashed.
  9. coolshot

    Tube Audio Design D/A Converter (TADAC)

    interesting, I noticed a headphone out jack. Its got still competition from the likes of lavry,benchmark, and oritek although those are SS designs.
  10. coolshot

    The Canon Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by red sox 7327 Just got my power shot sd870. I am having a blast with it! how is that wide angle lens working out for you? I was thinking about upgrading my sd600 for times when i cant carry my XT around. BTW you should go here Canon Digital Photography...
  11. coolshot

    Rebel XT or D40 or Other?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dj_mocok Wow really? I just checked my best online shop here in Sydney, the price for - D80 body: AUS$ 945 - D40X body: AUS$ 725. -D200 body: AUS$ 1529 But then again, this shop is much much cheaper than the cheapest shop around here. ah see...
  12. coolshot

    What's with the bassheads?

    bass helps you feel the music. Just like at a concert. Its a state of being where bass isn't a regularly experienced thing unlike vocals and 'most' of sound spectrum. I love Hip hop and techno, a lot of the 'musicality' comes from the beats pounding your chest( or in our case eardrums). I been...
  13. coolshot

    mortgage rate freeze

    Quote: Originally Posted by stevenkelby No, no-one pays anyone back. The economy would collapse, capitalist economies are built on debt. That's how every cent gets into the system, it's all "borrowed". Instead of paying it back, the banks just borrow more, the mint prints it, people...
  14. coolshot

    The Canon Thread

    i plan on getting 50mm prime lens the cheap one for like 80 bucks and one telephoto in the $700 early 08'. I have other hobbies like head-fi where my money will be going so im not really concerned about the lastest and greatest in photography, its way down on the list.
  15. coolshot

    The Canon Thread

    is it worth it to spend the extra $150 bucks to get an xti over a regualar xt? i plan on keeping the body for a long time like +3 years and maybe upgrading to whatever is next up at the time like x0D body. Right now i think new a new xt can be had under $500 and the xti is like $680 with their...
  16. coolshot

    Sixteen year old girl wants first good pair of headphones

    audio technica es-7 she'll love the good sound, small size and chrome looks.
  17. coolshot

    gear fi- where is it?

    i know the links have been rearranged but are the threads gone? anyone know the real links?
  18. coolshot

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zuerst I got a cheap point and shoot so... Taken on a roadtrip this past summer... cheap eh? pictures still look amazing.
  19. coolshot

    Eddie Current's upcoming SS amp called Red Top ?!

    im still waiting for the HD300? to come into production. I got to hear the prototype at the marin meet a while back. A great baby ZD for only $800 (price etimated at the time)
  20. coolshot

    how to get a good balance of life? *spending habits*

    i myself have the same tendencies. I love gear related hobbies. Wether it be paintball,PC gear, or hi fi audio etc. etc. At one point i was just like whatever, no more deficit spending. I hate giving away money. I feel like all those interest charges are as such. I dont spend nearly as much as i...
  21. coolshot

    Another limited edition A900

    as i a big 'A' series fan, im going to have to pass with it only its 900 designation. Why? because at $300 the a900ltd or a950ltds are a great sounding can for the price. However im not paying the extra price just for Titanium + limited edition status. I really wish AT would release a new...
  22. coolshot

    Amp/DAC for $300

    theres not alot in that price range, i think the beresford or zhalou 2.5a with the headphone amp upgrade. However, i dont know of the performace of either. Another option would be to go for the original master for <$200 and an entech number cruncher off of ebay.
  23. coolshot

    Dac/amp combos perfect transportables?

    This is kinda in response to Boomana's thread about portables not being able to power the 701/650 properly. I was thinking about criteria about recommendation on amps. Usually its someone maximizing their budget on their headphone like a 701 because everyone raves how good it is. As a stopgap...
  24. coolshot

    HeadRoom Balanced Desktop with internal DAC vs. Cayin HA-1A with Monarchy M24

    im interested in more impressions. It seems you wanted to try polar opposites. Not only balanced vs single ended, but also all tube vs all SS.
  25. coolshot

    Woohoo! HIV doesn't stand a chance now!

    Quote: Originally Posted by oicdn IMO the "cure" for aids has been around for a LONG time. I mean, people like Magic Johnson have been around for nearly 20 years with HIV/Aids. You don't hear much of anybody living much past 10 years with HIV, unless they're rich or famous. I think...