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  1. Anaxilus

    ads embedding into my posts?

    Umm, not sure if it's your side or my side but I've noticed a few posts and PMs have links to various ads from gambling to Walmart self embed themselves into select words in my posts/PMs after I hit send.  
  2. Anaxilus

    JHA consumer experience thread (Positive=Yes, Negative=No)

    Please mark 'Yes' for positive.  'No' for negative.   For the benefit of Jerry Harvey Audio and potential customers/clients.  Please post your experiences and vote appropriately.     Do not factor in perceived sound quality into whether or not the process and your experience made it...
  3. Anaxilus

    RIP: Tim Hetherington

    For those that don't know, Tim Hetherington was a British-American photo-journalist.  He was also the maker of the Oscar nominated 'Restrepo'.  Sadly, he died in Misrata, Libya last week.  I really appreciated his work and wanted to make a tribute by paying homage to some of his work.  ...
  4. Anaxilus

    New phase of matter discovered using Copper Superconductors

  5. Anaxilus

    Contact Ebay! Stop hoarding and profiteering off people's lives.

    Fellow Head-fiers,   I know it sounds dramatic and I'm all for profit and opportunity in the market.  However, not at the expense of life and limb!  I personally find it distasteful and dangerous to encourage the hoarding and profiteering of potentially life saving drugs.  The case in...
  6. Anaxilus

    Google Chrome 10

    Anyone else digging the new Chrome?  I know I am!  
  7. Anaxilus

    Audio Epistemology

    So I haven't been around as long as many around the forums have or obtained a Masters in Audio Engineering but I do like to read and learn and have had a nagging question I'd like to bring up.  Why do so many around these parts feel, believe, 'know' that we have learned all there is about the...
  8. Anaxilus

    Onkyo Windows 7 tablet SQ?

    Anyone heard this thing?,11500.html    
  9. Anaxilus

    Clip+ Rock'd or 6G Nano LO

    Like the title says.  Which would you pick or prefer and why?
  10. Anaxilus

    Future Sonics Custom Dynamic Driver MG6pro. What the wha...?! (Now with reviews!)

    *UPDATE*  Now w/ reviews!   Kunlun's review here.     Ear Monitors® Brand Custom Fit Professional Earphones, celebrating 25 Years, now feature our NEW MG6pro™ proprietary miniature dynamic transducers. The 13mm mg6pro™ dynamic speakers, designed & manufactured by Future Sonics, are...
  11. Anaxilus

    *Deal Alert* Zune HD 16GB $99+free shipping

    For anyone that likes or wants a Zune HD
  12. Anaxilus

    FX700 v. Stax SR-001 Mk2

    For those that have had or heard both, any impressions?
  13. Anaxilus

    1 day old news....nothing to see here, move along

  14. Anaxilus

    Ultrasone S-Logic poll

    Better applied to Open or Closed cans.   Or not at all, discuss....  
  15. Anaxilus

    Digital versus Analog

    Submitted for your knowledge and/or amusement:   AB test at 5:30
  16. Anaxilus

    New Monsters?!

                Clarity HD Modular In-Ear Headphones: "Hear Everything" in the Music! The stylish new Monster Clarity HD In-Ear headphones, available in both black/red and chrome/red versions, with a high-quality finish and solid-metal construction, fulfill the Clarity HD family's...
  17. Anaxilus

    Open Headphones vs. Home Speakers

    If one had $1000-$4000 of disposable income.  Does it make sense in your opinion to put that into Open Headphones as opposed to Home Speakers?  No wrong answers just curiosity about people's priorities, preferences and reasoning.
  18. Anaxilus

    Vocabulary help

    Not really a science question so much as a matter of vocab.  What is the word for describing the sound of a note being full, round, whole or complete?  Its not body, thickness or accuracy.  My violinist friend forgot the word and I can't find or remember it.
  19. Anaxilus

    Isolation and attenuation

    Quick question.  Anyone know if noise reduction is an additive property?  e.g.  I put ear plugs in at 20db NR then cover them w/ 20db NR ear muffs.  Do I get a theoretical 40db NR or is it a diminishing return?  My gut is leaning towards diminishing returns especially considering sound can be...
  20. Anaxilus

    Clip+ Sound Quality, really??

    So I got my $26 Clip+ today and I have to say I am not impressed. I was hoping for better sound than a 2nd gen iPod nano. Nope, not happening. As someone that detests Apple I am a sad panda. I dusted of my old 12 year old Sony Discman and that blew away the iPod. I'll try rockboxing the Clip+...
  21. Anaxilus

    HELP!! IEM Decision needed

    **Thanks to everyone in advance. Please be aware I've read every thread on the following phones with the exception of just a few posts on the FX500. Please contribute if you have informed and educated knowledge of the following for comparison. Thx.** In Consideration: RE0+ibasso T3 FX500...