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  1. aznsensazian

    Atlanta Headfi Meet Jan.13.2007 Impressions

    Har Har, let the posting impressions begin! Here are some pictures to get yall started.
  2. aznsensazian

    Great place to reference headphones

    Hey guys, i thought this website had an array of headphones old and new to research and check out the nice pictures. Was it someone here that created this lovely site?
  3. aznsensazian

    Darkvoice tha336 arrival

    Just got my darkvoice tha336 tube amp and to my surprise, it sounds quite good. Only had about 30 minutes on it so far, but right now, i am liking it much more than my little dot 2. How does it sound you might ask. Well, i cant say at the moment because my listening time has been very limited. I...
  4. aznsensazian

    AKG replacement pads

    Im searching through this site and akg's site, but i cant find a number to buy some akg k240/k340 replacement pads. I know there is a parts retailer in Tennessee, and that i should ask for Pat. But i cant find the number to call and what is the part number for the k240/340 pads? Can someone...
  5. aznsensazian

    AKG K270S

    Hey guys and gals, does anyone have any information on these and how they sound? I find them quite interesting as they are a two driver each cup design kinda like my k340s. I also heard that they used to be the pro studio standard and are in high regard. Ive read some websites giving them good...
  6. aznsensazian

    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    I just got their four album package and i have to say they kick ass. Just curious though, do they only do Christmas songs and selective beethoven stuff? I heard they did some of metallica's stuff. What album is that?
  7. aznsensazian

    Third Atlanta HeadFi Meet

    Headfi Meeting this April 29th around 12pm at the Georgia Tech University physics building. Address for the physics building, 800 Atlantic Drive, N.W. Atlanta, GA There are 3-4 lecture halls when you walk into the building, let's aim for the one closest to Ferst street (rightmost when...
  8. aznsensazian

    Just recabled my k340s

    and boy oh boy am i glad i did. Everything just sounds so great. Ive been enjoying my k340s for awhile now, and by recabling these, im enjoying them even more. I used 26awg litz braid mil spec silver plated copper wire and terminated it with a switchcraft 297 plug. The sound is truly...
  9. aznsensazian

    Georgia vs South Carolina College Football

    All i can say is....GOOOOOOOOO DAAAAAWWWGGSS. Beat the Spurrier Man!!!!! This ought to be a very good game, considering South Carolina under Steve Spurrier is 11-1 against the dawgs. We will get revenge!!
  10. aznsensazian

    Toshiba sd-4960 impressions

    Okay, so today i just got my toshiba sd-4960 as a Bday present to myself On upon initial listening with my k340s, i was pleasantly surprised by how good this source sound for what i paid for it. It plays sacd, dvd-a, and redbook very well. I cant really describe the sound right now. I can only...
  11. aznsensazian


    This looks very interesting. Anyone own these? They look ugly, but could be a great electret electrostatic headphone. Wualta, maybe this one might be in your expertise. Here is a link .
  12. aznsensazian

    The amp shootout: The ae-1, Portaphile V2^2, & Portacorda II

    Hey guys, there is a great detailed review of these portable amps by Plainsong on ipodstudio. You guys can check it out here. If you guys can, please provide some feedback here, so we can have a nice database of the features and opinions about these portable amps. Oh and have fun , its a long one
  13. aznsensazian

    Baby-O sighting

    I have no affliliation whatsoever, thought i share...
  14. aznsensazian

    Akg k340 is for live and senn hd580 is for room

    Title says it all. Ive been listening extensively between these headphones for a week now and ive come up with a conclusion. The akg k340 are live cans and what i mean by that is the k340 takes a normal recording from say a studio and makes it sound like you are in a live concert, kinda like you...
  15. aznsensazian

    Recabling K340

    Hello, im not sure how to recable my k340. Is there some sort of schematic? and will a hd650 cable work for such a project? Thanks.
  16. aznsensazian

    Recommend me some good anime & JPOP music

    Hi, im starting to get back into more anime, JPOP, and KPOP music now and was wondering what you guys would recommend? Im really digging the female vocals in anime music. I already have albums like utada hikaru. I listen to alot of chinese stuff too like andy lau and faye wong. I guess what...
  17. aznsensazian

    HD580 vs k401 vs A500

    I just recieved my hd580s today and my first impression right out the box is that they kick the crap out of my k401 and A500 in terms of sound quality. Im using a maxxed out MINT with AD8620 opAmps and they pair up perfectly with the hd580s. With my k401 and a500, my MINT just made it sound...
  18. aznsensazian

    A500 vs K401

    Hello, ive been a lurker here for a few months and even bought a decent pair of headphones on this forum. I upgraded from the hd212 pro to the A500 just last month and now i'm itching to have a nice pair of open headphones that still retains the nice soundstage of the A500. My two choices were...