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  1. Akathisia

    "Dark Knight" Redux?

    I think if your going to do a camo pattern, do ATACS or have them done by the guys at "uparmored coatings". You will have to google both of these since I am posting from my phone.
  2. Akathisia

    Military Career Suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by dazzer1975 To the OP, dont do it, you will get far more out of life pursuing other channels that offer a far more rewarding and enriching experience not only for you, but the people you come into contact with. Please qualify your statement. If your...
  3. Akathisia

    Photobucket Contest

    Sorry if this is a repeat post... Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  4. Akathisia

    Jet Set Radio Future

    I loved this game! Awesome gameplay, great soundtrack, cool graphics.
  5. Akathisia

    An idea for Head-Fi

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus Ges, thanks for that! Somehow this reminds me of the scene from The Big Lebowski where they find The Dude's car, but his briefcase is missing: Maybe the moderators could work in shifts to police the kinds of threads you're talking about. Ah, but...
  6. Akathisia

    F-22 replacement

    I have no doubts that US will keep the existing F-22 (if not only for the physics defying airshow acrobatics) and we would be ready for an new air-to-air threat with the number that we have (125+), if only because we are so far ahead in production that I don't think a threat could catch up...
  7. Akathisia

    An idea for Head-Fi

    I never claimed to be "elite" (thanks for the attacks everyone), bu if you read the post by Jude that was linked on the first page of this thread, he encourages using one of the many search functions available here at Head-Fi. Not to mention, if you just use Google to search for info about...
  8. Akathisia

    An idea for Head-Fi

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonhapimp That's the worst idea ever, to me Head-fi would be ALOT more smaller if that happen because people look at other peoples threads and get an general understanding of what to post in they're thread, which if it's a good enough answer they would...
  9. Akathisia

    What is your age/occupation?

    25, USAF Air Traffic Controller
  10. Akathisia

    F-22 replacement

    The best Air Force asset for the current conflict (boots on the ground) is and will continue to be the A-10 (ask any soldier). The F-22 had it's place when it was conceptualized, but we are not fighting that kind of war right now. The A-10 and the F-16 are our (the USAF's) most active F/A...
  11. Akathisia

    An idea for Head-Fi

    I have been a member of HF for a few years, and I was a lurker for several years before that, but lately I have found this site to be irritating and not worth digging for quality posts. My suggestion : New members must reach a predetermined amount of posts before they can start a new...
  12. Akathisia

    P-mount cartridge under $100?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lrsu.ranger I've been wondering the same thing. Grado has a pretty extensive line of incrementally priced phono cartridges that start in the $60US and on up through several $100US. I did find the following review on Audiogon. AudiogoN Reviews: Grado...
  13. Akathisia

    Can someone explain decibels

    Quote: Originally Posted by MomijiTMO Sound level meter. Apple curio debris. About as useful as your response.
  14. Akathisia

    P-mount cartridge under $100?

    I am going to be picking up a Technics turntable and a vintage JVC receiver next week for my first foray into vinyl and need a recommendation on a good P-mount cartridge for under $100. Thanks for your help, I am totally clueless about vinyl...
  15. Akathisia

    Grado SR60 with DAC/amp or Grado SR225 ampless and plugged into stock sound card. Which one has better SQ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Joakcbasse The problem with getting the SR225 and a cheaper DAC/amp is that, from what I've read, the ibasso d2+boa is basically one of the best bang-for-the-buck DAC/amps, and that i'd be using it for quite awhile. Thus, I feel like I wouldn't be satisfied...
  16. Akathisia

    The best bang for buck headphone

    Covered an innumerable amount of times here, but I'm bored. IMO : Koss KSC75 - $15 Grado SR60 - $70
  17. Akathisia

    iPhone/iTouch wallpapers

    If I had an iPhone, I would use some of the nifty creations found here.
  18. Akathisia

    How to make the smell go away?

    Drink more water and your sweat will not leave an offensive smell in your headphones (this also applies to general body odor for the stinkies we have here on head-fi... you know who you are). I recommend an antibacterial wipe to clean the headphone, and also washing your face before use...
  19. Akathisia

    Florence And The Machine - Lungs [2009] Appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by inajiffi Great cover "You got the love." YouTube - Florence + the Machine - You've Got the Love Now this is a cool song, thanks for the PM! I would have never looked further into this band.
  20. Akathisia

    Florence And The Machine - Lungs [2009] Appreciation thread

    Not really my cup of tea, but here is a YouTube link for those of you that want to hear the song he referenced : LINK
  21. Akathisia

    Your Fav Chips

    I don't mind listening to my speakers and eating some dinner, but if I am listening to headphones I'd rather take a screwdriver in the throat than hear crunching reverberating through my skull.
  22. Akathisia

    Being single sucks...

    Enjoy being single for a while, you can really learn a lot about yourself that will make your next (serious) relationship much more rewarding. Also, if you like to read, you can get some good book time in a hell of a lot easier I am currently in a very intense relationship with the most...
  23. Akathisia

    Reccomendations for $40-$80 phones...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Olimoronio Thanks for the suggestions, you guys. After thinking about it more, those Grado ones do look nice. How good are they at muffing ambient noise? They don't look to have that donut design on the earpiece that I associate with good padded noise...
  24. Akathisia

    The Mars Volta vs Pink Floyd

    I love when head-fi'ers bash a band for poor sound. Some of my favorite music (and most intense experiences at shows) is definitely 'lo-fi' or poorly recorded and probably would be unlistenable to many here. Their loss. As for the poll, two different bands altogether. TMV has had a bigger...