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  1. straden

    what was your first "wow" moment?

    Mine was like 8 years ago when I first spent money to buy non-bundled earphone... I bought shure e4c and when i first plugged in... wow.... the detail , clear/smooth mid... sparkling high (of course compared to previous bundled earphone which i don't remember what brand) I miss my e4c... it...
  2. straden

    Anyone listen to Flac with iphone / ipod touch?

    Could anyone recommend me an app / program for iOS to be able to listen flac? I've tried several but none of them works / crashes. Mine is already jailbroken as well.
  3. straden

    What is reason rockbox not working on current gen ipod?

    is it hardware limitation? or software complexity? =(
  4. straden

    Anyone have Samsung Epic 4g?

    Few days ago, I had a chance to hear my friend's epic 4g with my se530 and I was amazed by its sound.   I only had few minutes of listening time, but it sounded fuller and had wider sound stage than my iphone 3g / cowon D2.    Does anyone else have experience with it?    I'm very...
  5. straden

    Recommend me amp for around 100 usd

    Hey guys I need a recommendation for portable amp purchase. Right now, I have SE 530 and I 'might' get a pair of custom IEM in the future. As for the player, I have iphone3g, ipad, and cowon d2   I'm looking for one that will be paired up with d2 most of the time, and' "rarely" with...
  6. straden

    Looking for IEM, that is dramatic upgrade from se530

    I have used shure e4c years ago and then upgraded to shure 530 about 2 years ago  (I've had UE tf10 too) Now I feel like to plunge again and get some upgrading IEM. Are there any universal IEM that can be step up from se530? (meaning like from e4c to se530) Or do I have to go with custom...
  7. straden

    Any descent wireless sets?

    Hi all I have a question for anyone that has a wireless sets I am looking for bluetooth set that is descent, they don't have to be perfect, any recommendations ? I already have se530 and triplefi 10 for wired solution, but sometimes I want to be wire free =)
  8. straden

    Returned triple fi, now what?

    I loved its soundstage, details, but it was just not comfortable for me after couple weeks of wearing... I am back in the market for another pair... I am looking for one with wide soundstage if not wider, with good detail, and warmer overall sound with good bass. And very importantly...
  9. straden

    Just replaced se530 order with triplefi10vi

    That's it , finally pulled the trigger Been using shure e4c for past 3 years, and was thinking to upgrade to SE530PTH. And I did order se530 this morning but somehow I got second thought about clear highs that people are talking about the triple fi 10. It was hard decision for me since I like...
  10. straden

    PK3 or Denon c700 or ?

    Looking for a pair of earbud or maybe IEM that has little isolation to use at work. I need to be able to hear so I can pick up phone calls and such. My e4c sounds fantastic but I can't hear anything from outside. It seems like pk3 is popular here, how about denon c700? Does anyone have...
  11. straden

    Best DAP to pair with Shure e4c or se530?

    I ordered cowon d2 4g red yesterday, but was wondering if it pairs with my IEM well or not. I'm basically looking for high quality sound source without using any amp. Just player and shure e4c or se530 or westone um2 I was interested in cowon d2, ipod touch, new nano. Any suggestions?
  12. straden

    Shure se530 for $316 + no tax good deal?

    Amazon has some 3rd seller that is selling shure se530 for only 316 dollars. Is this reliable seller? and also what do you think of the price? bargain? I currently have shure e4c and it's dying... I want something in similar quality or better. I was thinking of UM2 or Shure se530. Which...