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  1. tdogzthmn

    Fostex TH500RP vs. Audeze EL-8 which to get?

    I've been looking for comparisons between these two headphones but haven't found any yet.   I'd like to ask if anyone has owned both and how their sound compares or differs.  I know the Fostex can now be had for less which is making it more attractive but I'm interested in the lighting...
  2. tdogzthmn

    Anyone using a Bottlehead S.E.X. 2.1?

    I'd like to know if anyone has had good success with the latest version of the Bottlehead S.E.X. amp.  I have sold my Crack + speedball which was a great amp for the money any I'm hoping the S.E.X proves to be an upgrade.
  3. tdogzthmn

    What's the worst headphones you've heard?

    Ok, so we all know what some great headphones sound like, but I'm interested to hear which headphones you have heard which sounded utterly terrible.  (airline headphones?)   Bonus points for images!      
  4. tdogzthmn

    Really cool DIY "see-through" amp build

    Interesting CMOY build, has anyone see this before?
  5. tdogzthmn

    Any DIY builders in the SF Bay Area?

    I'm looking to start on a new project and was hoping to get in touch with some seasoned builders that live near San Francisco.  Let me know if you are!    
  6. tdogzthmn

    Top 10 classical Albums. Which are your favorites?

    I'd like to delve a bit more into classical music and I would like to know what your favorite recordings are.  Recently I have been enjoying Bach, Vivaldi, and Beethoven.  Chopin and Rachmaninov are also on my list of composers to explore.  Any input from those with experience would be great...
  7. tdogzthmn

    Looking for Neutral sounding DAC

    I have a Lehmann audio BCL and HD800 which are fead from my iMac using the HRT II+.  I really enjoy the sound from this DAC and it's affordable price tag makes it a real winner.  However I'd like to take another step up the chain and I think the HRT is the next component to be upgraded.  I'm...
  8. tdogzthmn

    Is the Auditor a good match for the HD800?

    I'm looking for a good Solid State amp for my HD800.  Right now my top choices are the SPL Auditor and the Lehmann Black Cube Liner which are said to be neutral and fast sounding amps and can be purchased for under $1000 used.  My DAC is the HRT Streamer II+ with BitPerfect from my iMac.  
  9. tdogzthmn

    Anyone gone back to using Dynamics from STAX?

    I have been looking at getting a basic STAX system for the past few months but wanted to hear some opinions of those who have experience with both types of cans.  I really appreciate detail and neutrality regarding sound presentation.  It is my hope that the new STAX models are able to present...
  10. tdogzthmn

    Does ER4S require and amp?

    I have an iPad which sounds pretty good when listening with my ER4S.  I am curious if an amp would give the sound an increase in fidelity of some form.  
  11. tdogzthmn

    T+A E-Series Music Player. Anyone heard one?

    I have been searching for a do-all music source when I stumbled across the T+A music player.  Its a made in Germany and I cant find any US distributors but I thought I would ask if anyone here has heard one.  Here is a link with more info...
  12. tdogzthmn

    Universal Players comparable to the NAD T 585

    While I have no complaints with my T 585 which does all I require and more, I am interested in other universal disc player of comparable stats and price.  I really like how the 585 downmixes 5.1 to stereo which is useful for DVD-A discs which only have surround.  I know Arcam has a similar DVD...
  13. tdogzthmn

    K400 still kicking

    For the past three months the K400 has been my go to headphone.  Towards the beginning of summer I bough a K340, K240 M and a K400 because I was interested in exploring vintage AKGs.  I also built myself a fancy new bottlehead crack and was ready to listen!  Needless to say the K400 still...
  14. tdogzthmn

    interested in X-CANV8P

    What are opinions of this amp regarding sound quality, characteristics, and its built in DAC.  I would like to hear from someone who owns this amp and if it suited to high impedance headphones.   Thanks.
  15. tdogzthmn

    Which vintage AKG?

    Hello I am a fan of the vintage akg cans.  Currently I own a K400, and K240 M.  I would like to know which of the AKG headphones you think are worth looking into aside from the K1000 which I cant afford.  Currently I am looking at the K340, K290, K141, and K241.  I wish I could by them all but I...
  16. tdogzthmn

    Interested in building Ribbon/Foil interconnect

    I am interested in building a pair of ribbon interconnects because I like the look of the these flat cables.  I looked around but I have not found any DIY instructions on building such a cable.  I have seen ribbon cable used for speakers   I also found these...
  17. tdogzthmn

    How to match Headphones with Amplifiers

    I have a basic knowledge of how most electronics work and which amps are more suited to headphones of a certain ohms rating but I wanted to hear from users with a deeper knowledge of electronics about which numbers, specs, ratings are important to know when looking for gear that will pair well.   
  18. tdogzthmn

    AKG K240 Monitor: Capable?

    I would like to know how good an K240 M (600) can sound with proper amping and source. Let me know what amp you are using.
  19. tdogzthmn

    Tascam CD200 good?

    I am interested in this player and wanted to know if it is good for the price. I like its rugged build and overall looks. But it's important that I get a CD player that is detailed and accurate sounding.
  20. tdogzthmn

    Headphones and their car equivalent.

    The Assignment: Find a picture of a car that represents the equivalent of a pair of headphones. Also a brief explanation of what qualities they share. Example, Audi R8 = K702 because they are both fast, precise, and somewhat subtle.
  21. tdogzthmn

    K702 - Damn.

    Got my K702 for X-Mas, joy! I let them burn in with some pink noise for about 10 hours then started listening to music. So far I am floored with how clear and detailed they sound. Contrary to my original beliefs I dont find the K702 to be bright or lacking in bass. My K601 has a warmer bright...
  22. tdogzthmn

    HD600/K601 crossover?

    Does anyone know of a headphone which sounds like a cross between the K601 and the HD600. I would be very interested to know.
  23. tdogzthmn

    New K601 impressions

    Ok, I just received my K601 today which I bought used from another head-fi member. These are my first pair of AKG headphones and I have been eager to become acquainted with their sound. The headphones are said to have around 150 hours on them so they might have some more burn-in to go until they...
  24. tdogzthmn

    Why buy a dedicated headphone amp?

    Currently I am using my NAD C 325BEE as my headphone amp and I have been very happy with its performance. My previous amp was a MiniMAX Hybrid which also sounded lovely but was limited in its functions. I wanted to see if most of you use separate amps for your headphones and speakers.
  25. tdogzthmn

    Enjoy Porcupine Tree; what else?

    I am a big fan of Porcupine Tree and want to know what other bands are of a similar caliber and style. I have looked at the similar artist recommended by iTunes but most all of those fell short. I would like to see some recommendations by fans of PT.