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  1. Viajero

    Comment by 'Viajero' on listing 'Penon Globe'

    Sure. Go ahead and PM me.
  2. Viajero

    Feedback by 'Viajero' on listing 'SpinFit CP145 Medium and Large'

    Great seller. Good communication. Fast shipping and item as described.
  3. TFZ King Edition

    TFZ King Edition in excellent condition. Comes in original box and with all original accessories. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  4. DUNU DK-2001

    13 mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Knowles Custom High-Mid*1,Knowles Custom Ultra-High*2 High-purity silver-plated OCC copper Litz wire Catch-Hold MMCX Connector Topaz color DK-2001 Comes with the accessories seen in the photos. Original Duw-02 Modular cable with the 3.5 mm plug and one...
  5. Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT

    These earphones are in excellent condition. They are the most natural sounding IEMs in terms of timbre and tonality that I've ever heard. I'm selling numerous IEMs simply because I have my wedding coming up and I need the money. For full disclosure I need to state that the nozzles on both sides...
  6. Penon Globe

    These cost $339 on Penon's website. I'm asking $250, so this is your chance to get these excellent earphones at a substantial discount. They are in excellent condition. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
  7. Viajero

    Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT Announcement Thread

    I mean no disrespect but I don't agree with that at all. I would say that _in general_ as you spend more you tend to get better sounding IEMs. But there are definitely ones that sound much worse than they should or, conversely, much better than they should. One example would be the KZ DQ6. I...
  8. Viajero

    Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT Announcement Thread

    I also own all three and I think your descriptions are quite accurate overall. Or at least that's how I hear them too. The only thing I think I perceive a bit differently is that the 3DT sounds more raw, drier and more textured than the A7 to me. The A7 sounds somewhat smoother (but still...
  9. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    Oh ok, so nothing formally announced and no timeframe, but that's cool nonetheless. I would love to see them make a really great triple DD IEM. I hope this planned model sees the light of day.
  10. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    Wait, KBear is going to release a triple dynamic driver IEM? When would this be coming out? I would be very interested in it. The 3DT and DQ6 have shown me the immense potential of such a configuration.
  11. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    Yeah, poorly vented IEMs cause multiple issues for me. First of all, they tend to be the IEMs that I get the worst driver flex with. Secondly, when the pressure isn't just right in my ear canal it causes the sound to be all messed up, as you describe. This makes them extremely finicky and...
  12. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    At least I know I'm not the only one. It's nice I can ask about different IEMs and can get recommendations for well vented IEMs. The DK-2001 is indeed very open feeling and comfortable. It's exactly the kind of IEM I enjoy most. There's kind of a hierarchy for me as it relates to this issue...
  13. Viajero

    Comment by 'Viajero' on listing 'Dunu DK-3001 Pro'

    Yeah, I was eyeing it too.
  14. Viajero

    Lotoo PAW S1 - Designed for HIFI on the go with Lotoo PAW quality and the first USB DAC-AMP with dual 3.5mm & 4.4mm output

    Hi, guys. This Lotoo Paw S1 looks really compelling. I may get it. But I do have to ask if anybody knows of a device similar to the Paw S1, Qudelix 5k or BTR5 that can also act as a music player itself (has onboard storage, a UI, etc). That would be my ideal portable solution. It would be small...
  15. Viajero

    Tin HiFi Impressions Thread

    What is the driver type in these?
  16. Viajero

    BEST BUDGET EARPHONES THREAD- Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing+PERSONAL RANKING LIST

    From what I've used so far I think the iBasso IT00 is a very good choice. It has excellent timbre and tonality and surprisingly good technicalities for a single dynamic driver earphone at this price range. Its bass is elevated above neutral, so if you are after true neutrality you probably won't...
  17. Viajero

    With Both Good Looks and Strengths, FiiO FH5s, 2BA 2DD IEMs, Is Officially Released!

    These do look promising. I like the physical design and the tuning switches. Also the double dynamic driver setup interests me.
  18. Viajero

    Comment by 'Viajero' on listing 'IMR EDP Planar DD Outstanidng Hybrid'

    Good afternoon. I'd like to buy these from you.
  19. Viajero

    Comment by 'Viajero' on listing 'TRI i3'

    Hello, you are unable to ship to the US?
  20. Viajero

    Comment by 'Viajero' on listing 'NLFS LZ A7'

    Sorry, I just did a search and found your listing but didn't notice it said sold. I'm still new to using these classifieds. Anyway, thanks for your time.
  21. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    I wish I could afford something like that right now. I think I'm going to buy myself the DK-2001, though. I've heard good things about it.
  22. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    Very sad. He was such a great guy. He contributed so much to this community.
  23. Viajero

    Comment by 'Viajero' on listing 'NLFS LZ A7'

    Are these still available?
  24. Viajero

    The discovery thread!

    Greatly looking forward to these. I really like the BL-03 aside from just slightly too much mid bass and a bit of weakness in the areas of resolution and separation. I'm hoping the piezoelectric driver will help give the BL-05 a bit more resolution, separation, airiness and extension in the highs.